begging for love & attention

While dirt is flying in every direction, sweat is pouring, muscles are being pulled, but things are shaping up.  Exhausted, we sit at the end of each weekend and say; “look’n good”.  Then, upon closer inspection I notice those little areas that seem to be begging for my love and attention. All in good timeContinue reading “begging for love & attention”

my joyful flowers

She re-seeded from last year I guess.  I didn’t plant any seeds there…this is the compost pile after all.  I guess this just goes to show you that great things grow out of decomposing grass, leaves and composted fruit and vegetables. Her stalk is straight and her stems look like arms stretching up in joyfulContinue reading “my joyful flowers”

multiplying with daylilies

My daylily garden has multiplied in one year’s time which amazes and amuses me. Not only have the plants multiplied in numbers but so have the blooms. It seems the blooms are bigger this year and there are more blooms on each stalk. This year one of my daylily beds looks like this… but oneContinue reading “multiplying with daylilies”