Preparing & Repairing Concrete Slab Floor

We finally made the decision to move forward on a floor treatment that I had stumbled across in a magazine Besides the really awesome way it looked…the price tag look a lot better Just so you won’t think I’m teasing you for the next few days…I’ll share with you now the cost of this projectContinue reading “Preparing & Repairing Concrete Slab Floor”

Fe Fi Faux Floor & More!

It is done My son’s floor is done Yay! Many posts to follow along with the final reveal… but only a peekĀ  for now. But first let me just share some off my giddy moments this week. And it’s all about the floors! First…my daughter, son-in-law and my five little monkeys; bought a house inContinue reading “Fe Fi Faux Floor & More!”