Part 2…DIY Floor Treament Revealed; Before & After

I split this project into two posts simply because I love to take a lot of photos and use them and the first post got too long. You can read all about phase on here. this is how it all plays out in the end the hard work is finished once you’ve glued all theContinue reading “Part 2…DIY Floor Treament Revealed; Before & After”

DIY…Floor Treatment Revealed

my inspiration for our son’s floor project came from the April 2011 issue of Cottages & Bungalows isn’t that the way it always goes? see it & want it this time…we followed through. See right there it say’s  “Creative Flooring” They weren’t kidding! However they could have also added other adjectives; like… easy affordable beautifulContinue reading “DIY…Floor Treatment Revealed”

Preparing & Repairing Concrete Slab Floor

We finally made the decision to move forward on a floor treatment that I had stumbled across in a magazine Besides the really awesome way it looked…the price tag look a lot better Just so you won’t think I’m teasing you for the next few days…I’ll share with you now the cost of this projectContinue reading “Preparing & Repairing Concrete Slab Floor”

Fe Fi Faux Floor & More!

It is done My son’s floor is done Yay! Many posts to follow along with the final reveal… but only a peek  for now. But first let me just share some off my giddy moments this week. And it’s all about the floors! First…my daughter, son-in-law and my five little monkeys; bought a house inContinue reading “Fe Fi Faux Floor & More!”