Our Junk-filled Christmas Wreath

My husband and I took a trip to Indiana and Ohio last week. Just us! It was a pre-anniversary gift to each other. We celebrated 28 years of marriage last Sunday. We took this trip to get away from work and relax before the holiday rush set in. While we were there we stopped inContinue reading “Our Junk-filled Christmas Wreath”

The Original Barbed Wire Wall Cross “Made in Texas”

In the last six years I’ve gone through; six pairs of thick rawhide gloves, ruined several shirts, stepped on many barbs, one tetanus shot, been scratched so many times I’ve lost count, one really serious injury ( deep gash on back of leg ..nice scar)…I think that covers it.   When I get dressed to makeContinue reading “The Original Barbed Wire Wall Cross “Made in Texas””