31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 12 ” A Vintage Feeder Finding It’s Place “

I found this wonderful feeder awhile back and I attempted to use it outside for a bird feeder, but when it’s outside I can’t see it all of the time. So I brought it in and stuck it in the dishwasher to clean it up. I love the galvanized tray and the jar has greatContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 12 ” A Vintage Feeder Finding It’s Place “”

this little chair of mine

I have a chair issue Some would call it a problem or a obsession… but I don’t like those words this issue is not out of control but it does flare up every once and awhile I’m sure there are many of you who can empathize with me Could you resist buying this if youContinue reading “this little chair of mine”

I’m Going On a Picnik…Wanna Come Along?

It’s been said time and time again…“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And for me and others who sell products online it’s the difference between selling a design or keeping it in your inventory. I love to take pictures and that is a good thing because in order to sell anything online you reallyContinue reading “I’m Going On a Picnik…Wanna Come Along?”

Succulent Photography

One afternoon my daughter and I went plant shopping for some plants that were needed for another blog post I wrote called Bead Gardening.We soon found out that we both love the selection of succulents we spotted at our local garden center. I was very thankful that I had a budget to stick to asContinue reading “Succulent Photography”