punched and framed

Old fencing, sheet metal and three iron stars and your done! Next time you see a neighbor throwing away old fencing, stop by and pick through their trash pile Chances are they’ll never know you did and old fence slats make really nice frames I never imagined that sheet metal would be a staple inContinue reading “punched and framed”

itch’n to create

Restless & Stressed Nope it’s not a new soap opera, it was how I felt today. Chocolate didn’t even help…although I gave it a good shot and put a good dent in the Ghiradelli milk chocolate chip stash. I couldn’t concentrate on work no focus. no productivity. It finally dawned on me what was wrong.Continue reading “itch’n to create”

Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!

Might want to slow down to let this one cross…no…maybe you should pull over and marvel at this amazing piece of art! Taking the word “recycled” to heart. This pair of artists have created a jaw dropping exhibit that sits just to the north of Kerrville on Rt. 16 at the entrance of the LehmannContinue reading “Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!”