Mending Through Prayer

This year when it came time for buying school clothes we made some changes to the usual yearly ritual.  I don’t find any particular joy in shopping for clothes. In fact I find it really close to brutal torture. (drama) When we were offered an opportunity to paint the inside of our oldest daughter’s rentalContinue reading “Mending Through Prayer”

Deep Sea Dumpster Diving…

It is what it is…but so much more! Because you see I pulled these skirts out of the dumpster when we were on vacation at the beach in Surf Side, Texas this past July.  No really that is just how it happened. But of course there is a back story! You see we went toContinue reading “Deep Sea Dumpster Diving…”

Going Back Home…

Our daughter, son in law and their four children (four of our 9.5 grandchildren) recently visited our home for ten days. Actually the grand children were here for 10 days, mom and dad hopped on a plane and flew to Boston for a conference and it just so happens that it was also their 12thContinue reading “Going Back Home…”

I Respectfully Disagree!

{sigh} I need a platform, one that has a lot of room to speak my mind and although some may not agree that my personal blog is the place to do it, then I would respectfully ask; “where else”? Pulling out my soapbox….stepping up….hear me roar! I saw this news clip earlier today on YahooContinue reading “I Respectfully Disagree!”

shhhhh….be vewy quite…look what I found in my pool!

A rare sight, I had to photograph to prove to all that my son (middle) does remember that we have a pool and that he can do other things besides text and play video games and drive his mother loony 😉 All born in the month of June All three names begin with J Jack,Continue reading “shhhhh….be vewy quite…look what I found in my pool!”

What’s On Your Plate Today?

Here’s a sampling of mine… #1 Work for wonderful son in law…building a list. Hummm…never been much of a list maker. Probably would have paid off though. This would be a great time for my brain cells to kick in a develop a program that would import search criteria results into specified fields created onContinue reading “What’s On Your Plate Today?”

Who Needs TV?

Seriously…who needs it? I’ve said it before…there’s not much worth watching these days. Now with places like YouTube, Tangle and other various video sharing sites, television, at least in my opinion [in my blog that counts] is loosing it’s appeal. Or maybe it’s just my age and the fact I have so many other thingsContinue reading “Who Needs TV?”