Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!

Might want to slow down to let this one cross…no…maybe you should pull over and marvel at this amazing piece of art! Taking the word “recycled” to heart. This pair of artists have created a jaw dropping exhibit that sits just to the north of Kerrville on Rt. 16 at the entrance of the LehmannContinue reading “Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!”

Make-It Monday….

What to do, what to do…haven’t posted in awhile. Thought I would share some thoughts, ideas and suggestions. First…did you know? There are 115 days until Christmas…that means, for people like me who have vowed to make all presents this year, need to get moving!!!! Second…do you know how much this is? 500,000,000,000 and whatContinue reading “Make-It Monday….”