my quirky side

Last night my 16 year old informed me that he needed map colors; “do we have any?” he asked. Now where did I put those? I replied. Because you know I use those everyday. After some digging, I found a large bag full of wonderful goodness Crayons, markers, pens, pencils, glitter glue, a deck ofContinue reading “my quirky side”

Owling? you gotta be kidding me!

You’ve heard about the newest craze?  Owling…really? Well it’s new for now.  “Who” knows tomorrow it will probably be something else.  I heard about this on the radio the other morning and I couldn’t help but laugh at the visual in my mind. I really can’t  relate to this new phenomenon probably because I don’tContinue reading “Owling? you gotta be kidding me!”

Just Kick’n Around with Some Fun Stuff

Does this mean what I think it means? That somewhere in my flower bed…there’s a naked snail? Maybe he out grew his shell. I feel his pain what makes me think it’s a he? Because you know how guys just leave their stuff laying around  🙂 I placed it back in the flower bed… thinkContinue reading “Just Kick’n Around with Some Fun Stuff”

Feeling Just Peachy Today

Yep I’m feeling just peachy today! Probably because  it’s just time to start thinking about fresh peaches and today it’s seems that’s what I’m craving. Since I don’t have any I figured the next best thing would be to share some of my peachy vintage collectibles with you. Found these little lovelies when I stoppedContinue reading “Feeling Just Peachy Today”

Saturday…It’s All Good!

Saturday’s should not begin a 5:30 am… but mine did because my track star son had to be at school for a track meet today. That means momma gets to take him 🙂 I’ll miss this someday. since I’m up…might as well make… A little breakfast…{Easy Veggie Omelet} 1 tsp 2 eggs beaten salt pepperContinue reading “Saturday…It’s All Good!”

Feel’n Rustic & Blue…

twang…twang…twang I could write a Country & Western song! or  better yet how about I take pictures of rustic and blue and your ears will thank me. as far as collections go; i’ve heard that if you have more than three of anything then it is indeed a collection. does that mean i have aContinue reading “Feel’n Rustic & Blue…”

My Workspace Unplugged

i’m not proud but it has to be told the story of my inability… to work in a clean zone I moved my whole studio/woman cave 🙂 from the front 12′ x 15′ dining room complete with an amazing natural light source, east northeastern windows… to a tiny hole in my laundry room. Really! IContinue reading “My Workspace Unplugged”

FRAGILE…What did I order from Italy?

Frrah.gil.lee I’m I the only one laughing? It wasn’t from Italy.  LOL…it’s from that silly movie “The Christmas Story” never mind…if I have to explain it, then it’s not so funny!  🙂 but it is…because that was the first thought that ran through my head when Riley (DD) brought in the mail. Second thought was…didContinue reading “FRAGILE…What did I order from Italy?”

A Long Overdue Thank You :)

very belated…yet very heartfelt “THANK YOU” MIKE & SALLY @ NIGHT OWL CRAFTWORKS Several months ago (((blush))) I entered and contest and I won the items in the photo above. Yes! I am just now getting around to sharing this wonderful news with you? Yes! I am ashamed of myself. But…in my defense I wasContinue reading “A Long Overdue Thank You :)”