One Left Behind

Found this when cleaning out my front door flower arrangement this week. Not sure what type of bird builds her next in the silk greenery on someone’s front door that opens and closes at least five or six times a day…but she did! Now we get to marvel at her creativity and the “one” leftContinue reading “One Left Behind”

Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!

Might want to slow down to let this one cross…no…maybe you should pull over and marvel at this amazing piece of art! Taking the word “recycled” to heart. This pair of artists have created a jaw dropping exhibit that sits just to the north of Kerrville on Rt. 16 at the entrance of the LehmannContinue reading “Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!”

This is Personal….It’s All About Me!

Well here it is, almost the end of October. Can you believe it? What’s new in this blog and what does the future hold? Here’s the scoop….this blog site has now become my personal domain for me….not Rustique Art, not anything business related. But it will still have the name because I’m just too lazyContinue reading “This is Personal….It’s All About Me!”

Who Needs TV?

Seriously…who needs it? I’ve said it before…there’s not much worth watching these days. Now with places like YouTube, Tangle and other various video sharing sites, television, at least in my opinion [in my blog that counts] is loosing it’s appeal. Or maybe it’s just my age and the fact I have so many other thingsContinue reading “Who Needs TV?”

Click, Crop, Fill’r Up!

Finally uploaded all of my wall cross and other Rustique Art pictures onto my flickr page. It only took me….hmmm 4 hours!!!! That was just uploading, tagging and sorting into sets. Which by the way is so amazing. Love it….it’s like organizing your underwear drawer. 🙂 I just want to keep going back and lookingContinue reading “Click, Crop, Fill’r Up!”

What’s the punchline? ?keep it clean?

Don’t you just love Friday’s? The end of a long week and now a relaxing weekend with family, friends….or your dog! Let’s see how clever you are…..answer posted next Friday along with a new joke! A man was driving when a traffic camera flashed. He thought his picture was taken for exceeding the speed limit,Continue reading “What’s the punchline? ?keep it clean?”

Interesting Sights on the Road…

Summertime is the time for most families to travel. Vacations, visiting family, camps and just good ole family time! Most travel by plane to get to their destinations. Our family prefers to drive…well I do anyway, because I can’t resist the temptation of stopping at every little antique shop along the way. And not toContinue reading “Interesting Sights on the Road…”