December Already?

23 days until Christmas! Wow, when you type the words it really makes the month seem very short. To make it seem even shorter, I’ve decided to fly to California for a week to see these six little angels [photo by Autumn Beck] The added perk is that I will get to enjoy their parentsContinue reading “December Already?”

is there a tongue medic in the house?

You’re probably thinking that my tongue has gotten me in trouble again. nope… This is a simply a story of how I stuck my tongue out and paid the price. My newest and most favoritest dessert Chobani Greek Yogurt. Yum! Pineapple is fab. Lemon is dreamy. Mango delish! I  just love to say the name…Continue reading “is there a tongue medic in the house?”

The Most Wonderfulest Wordfilled Wednesday!

The best part about having your own blog is that you can make up any word you want and who’s gonna care?  and if they do…big deal 🙂 Today is truly just one of my most favoritest days…LOL there I go again. Today is my little pumpkin’s 18th birthday…she’s not so little anymore, but forContinue reading “The Most Wonderfulest Wordfilled Wednesday!”

Mending Through Prayer

This year when it came time for buying school clothes we made some changes to the usual yearly ritual.  I don’t find any particular joy in shopping for clothes. In fact I find it really close to brutal torture. (drama) When we were offered an opportunity to paint the inside of our oldest daughter’s rentalContinue reading “Mending Through Prayer”

I Respectfully Disagree!

{sigh} I need a platform, one that has a lot of room to speak my mind and although some may not agree that my personal blog is the place to do it, then I would respectfully ask; “where else”? Pulling out my soapbox….stepping up….hear me roar! I saw this news clip earlier today on YahooContinue reading “I Respectfully Disagree!”

How the Economy Has Blessed our Family

What else can you do but count your blessings when life seems to be throwing you nothing but lemons.  Thank goodness I love fresh squeezed lemonade! About a year ago it wasn’t strange to see the Albright family at the movies, watching the newest release with arms loaded down with popcorn, cokes and Milk Duds,Continue reading “How the Economy Has Blessed our Family”

Post Medley…three from me!

Welcome… I bought a table that came with chairs. The chairs were uncomfortable so they went outside to my “don’t throw away I might paint it someday” section in my garage. My husband was thrilled. Last spring I pulled one out and painted it up in some strange color of paint that I rescued fromContinue reading “Post Medley…three from me!”