essential tools & building materials (of sorts)

sorry…my intent was not to mislead you with the title, but only to get your attention.  I’ve read that blog titles should be catchy and entice the reader into reading more. I just couldn’t let this one get away, I mean after all it is Mother’s Day weekend and I am a mom, so IContinue reading “essential tools & building materials (of sorts)”

Spring Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations! Lexi you are the winner of the “Bling’n in the Spring” giveaway. This beautiful Cross Key Ring is what she won by posting her comments about her MOM.View Lexi’s comment about her mom here!Lexi also has an Etsy shop with adorable handsewn dresses and accessories for your little one as well as handpainted itemsContinue reading “Spring Giveaway Winner!”

Mother may I ?

Remember that game? Take two baby steps backwards….Mother may I? Now tell me something….if you tell your 12 year old son to take out the trash, do you really think your going to hear those three little words? hummm? Noooooo! Or, you asked your sweet 15 year old daughter to empty the dishwasher….Mother may I?Continue reading “Mother may I ?”