Hot Enough To Fry An Egg?

NO!  Not yet…but it feels like it. but it’s so hot… You can’t walk barefoot on the concrete. Although dogs do…why? But I wanted to test my curiosity so this afternoon, about 4pm…it’s pretty darn hot that time of day. In fact right now it is 101 and with the humidity index it feels likeContinue reading “Hot Enough To Fry An Egg?”

I Want A Do Over!

Wouldn’t that be divine?   To realize that you’ve have messed up, see the error, go back and edit. Not possible I know, that is why sincere apologies are so important, because you don’t get to remove your foot from you mouth, heal a broken heart or undo spoken words.   You can only humbly apologizeContinue reading “I Want A Do Over!”