Thankful for Burnt Toast & Cold Coffee…A Blessed Life

I used to set my alarm for 3:00pm everyday. Can you guess why? It was to remind me to stop what I was doing and go pick up my kids from school.  They now drive.  They are happy they don’t have to wait on me ever again. I’m not ashamed of my forgetfulness, I justContinue reading “Thankful for Burnt Toast & Cold Coffee…A Blessed Life”

10 things I fear…

While watering plants yesterday I noticed something strange. Something wasn’t right, my plant looked different. Upon closer…and I mean really closer inspection, I saw the eye…and then I knew! I knew in an instant that if that had jumped out at me I would have jumped, tripped and fallen into the pool. I’m not afraidContinue reading “10 things I fear…”

broken pottery turns into a piece of art

Reclaiming broken dishes and ceramics can turn chunks of broken pottery into pieces of art, and that gives me a reason (like I would need one?) to keep things that other people would just through away. It’s hard for me to toss something in the trash just because it’s broken. Where some see the endContinue reading “broken pottery turns into a piece of art”

11 + ways to repurpose a vintage door knob

door knobs, vintage door knobs, how many ways can I use thee …let me count the ways;   #1 ~  My all time fave….the “photo holder”, this is my version; rustic of course, but their are some wonderful things being done with a simple piece of wire and a door knob. A few little twistsContinue reading “11 + ways to repurpose a vintage door knob”

my new lamp, my passion for wicker & part 2 of “duck egg”

I’ve come to believe that wicker may never go out of style and even if it does or it seems as if it comes and goes over a span of time, it really never goes out of style, it’s always there, we may not choose to pick it up and add it into our decorContinue reading “my new lamp, my passion for wicker & part 2 of “duck egg””

Pinterest inspired plantings

A little of this, a little of that… that’s what I was saying as I walked through my house picking up things to put dirt in.  I saw some wonderful succulent container ideas on Pinterest last week, one container in particular caught my eye because I had the same container in my stash.  Mine isContinue reading “Pinterest inspired plantings”

add character with “built ins”

Want to know a little secret about me? I’m a bit quirky, a romantic and I’m sentimental. I adore and dream of living in a little cottage, filled with character and charm. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Hard wood floors throughout, little nooks, a few of the period fixtures in working conditionContinue reading “add character with “built ins””

Last Friday was “First Friday” and a first for me

About 2 weeks ago my BFF Christy called and asked if I would like to go with her to hear a guest speaker at an event called First Friday.  She explained that the guest speaker would be non other than author Lysa TerKuerst!  Of course I didn’t know she was an author, but I didContinue reading “Last Friday was “First Friday” and a first for me”