how about something for nothing?

Are you like me? What’s the catch? I received this email today from Christian author, Tricia Goyer.  It went like this: I’m writing from beautiful Little Rock where it doesn’t feel like winter at all. I’m thrilled to let you know that my newest release Chasing Mona Lisa (co-written with Mike Yorkey) will be FREEContinue reading “how about something for nothing?”

A Successful Special Delivery

thank you Susie…they arrived today! this one goes in the “success” column! they are absolutely beautiful. My husband answered the door when the postman knocked He came into my office with a box from Iowa he asked; “what did you order now?” I thrust my chin upward in a prideful way and said, “nothing” (battingContinue reading “A Successful Special Delivery”

FRAGILE…What did I order from Italy?

Frrah.gil.lee I’m I the only one laughing? It wasn’t from Italy.  LOL…it’s from that silly movie “The Christmas Story” never mind…if I have to explain it, then it’s not so funny!  🙂 but it is…because that was the first thought that ran through my head when Riley (DD) brought in the mail. Second thought was…didContinue reading “FRAGILE…What did I order from Italy?”

Will You Be My Rustique Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day “Whooo” Loves You? I do… my Rustique heart just jumps for joy … that I  can share today … a rustic gift of love … for you to give to someone far away. … just click a pic & send it to the one you love! hold your cursor over photo, rightContinue reading “Will You Be My Rustique Valentine?”