our new pet…or science project

This post should be titled: “The Things I Will Do To Get a Picture”, because the minute my daughter brought this awesome little fellow to my attention, I was smitten. I know! Weird isn’t it, a girl who loves big fat gooey green caterpillars. Who knew! To get this picture I was on my tummyContinue reading “our new pet…or science project”

10 little monkeys sitting on a couch….

Presli. Park. Camden. Haley. Paisley. Haven. Will. Joshua. Caleb. Sterling. It was a fabulous Christmas celebration with my 10 little monkeys Many thanks to my son and daughter in law who hosted our family Christmas party We ate until stuffed and laughed until we hurt It was so fun! Happy New Year belated but sincere!

31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 27 “Coffee Table”

My coffee table is “really” a coffee table & a conversation piece & handmade & funky! There is not another one like it. My friend Trent made it. He and his wife had it in their home for a time and the put it in their garage sale, I’ve had it ever since. I willContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 27 “Coffee Table””

shhhhh….be vewy quite…look what I found in my pool!

A rare sight, I had to photograph to prove to all that my son (middle) does remember that we have a pool and that he can do other things besides text and play video games and drive his mother loony 😉 All born in the month of June All three names begin with J Jack,Continue reading “shhhhh….be vewy quite…look what I found in my pool!”

How the Economy Has Blessed our Family

What else can you do but count your blessings when life seems to be throwing you nothing but lemons.  Thank goodness I love fresh squeezed lemonade! About a year ago it wasn’t strange to see the Albright family at the movies, watching the newest release with arms loaded down with popcorn, cokes and Milk Duds,Continue reading “How the Economy Has Blessed our Family”

What’s On Your Plate Today?

Here’s a sampling of mine… #1 Work for wonderful son in law…building a list. Hummm…never been much of a list maker. Probably would have paid off though. This would be a great time for my brain cells to kick in a develop a program that would import search criteria results into specified fields created onContinue reading “What’s On Your Plate Today?”

This is Personal….It’s All About Me!

Well here it is, almost the end of October. Can you believe it? What’s new in this blog and what does the future hold? Here’s the scoop….this blog site has now become my personal domain for me….not Rustique Art, not anything business related. But it will still have the name because I’m just too lazyContinue reading “This is Personal….It’s All About Me!”

Make-It Monday….

What to do, what to do…haven’t posted in awhile. Thought I would share some thoughts, ideas and suggestions. First…did you know? There are 115 days until Christmas…that means, for people like me who have vowed to make all presents this year, need to get moving!!!! Second…do you know how much this is? 500,000,000,000 and whatContinue reading “Make-It Monday….”