My New Rustic Writing Desk from a Salvaged Sewing Treadle and Reclaimed Wood

 oh my!  this is embarrassing…. in order to give you some back story on this fun little project, i had to locate the photo taken of the salvaged sewing treadle my husband found and brought home.  i finally find the photo posted on IG, and oh my, oh my….it has a time stamp.  46 weeks? Continue reading “My New Rustic Writing Desk from a Salvaged Sewing Treadle and Reclaimed Wood”

A Trip to Home Depot and Lowes Completes My Mission

I am one blessed lady because I have the best of both worlds right about 3 miles from my drive way. For real!  We have a Home Depot on the south side of the road and just across the street on the north side of the same road, is Lowes! And you can bet thatContinue reading “A Trip to Home Depot and Lowes Completes My Mission”

Vintage Mantel Headboard Reveal and Garage Sale Mirror Steal

It’s been two years since we found our vintage mantel.  I had always dreamed of having mantel for a headboard in our master bedroom and after years of patiently searching flea markets and salvage barns we finally found the perfect mantle for our room. This post has been in the making for a long time. Continue reading “Vintage Mantel Headboard Reveal and Garage Sale Mirror Steal”

Salvaged Items Find New Purpose in Our Home

Wow, that title reads like a news headline. If this were really newsworthy the headline might read like this; “Cookie Jar Shatters But Lid Miraculously Survives” and the story would go on to tell you how the lid was not thrown away but forgotten for years, left to gather dust under a cabinet out inContinue reading “Salvaged Items Find New Purpose in Our Home”

50th Wedding Anniversary Cross

Meet Russ and Mary…aren’t they adorable? They were married June 15, 1963. Remember your wedding day? Were you thinking about the day you and your beloved would celebrate 50 years of marriage? Not me.  I was just wrapped up in the moment of my wedding day. But I think about it now…More like I dreamContinue reading “50th Wedding Anniversary Cross”

a rustic Valentine message for you & my excuse to decorate

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because we all know that a picture is worth what? 1000 words? If this is true then I get off easy tonight by sharing some photos of my recent play day and a sweet little message. I don’t feel as if I need a reason to decorate but sometimesContinue reading “a rustic Valentine message for you & my excuse to decorate”

contrasts & compliments {home decor}

Rich dark colors draw me in.  Do you ever take those home decor “personality” tests? You know the ones where the website presents you with a couple of photos of room decor and style and you chose which one you like the best, then you move to the next set and do the same. InContinue reading “contrasts & compliments {home decor}”

straddling the fence {rustic garden}

I believe his exact words were: “I found a ladder and brought it home for you” I can’t be sure though…he lost me at ladder as my mind begin to embrace this new addition to my little rustic garden My husband is my superhero! I’ve…we’ve been looking for old wooden ladders for years.  We seeContinue reading “straddling the fence {rustic garden}”

broken pottery turns into a piece of art

Reclaiming broken dishes and ceramics can turn chunks of broken pottery into pieces of art, and that gives me a reason (like I would need one?) to keep things that other people would just through away. It’s hard for me to toss something in the trash just because it’s broken. Where some see the endContinue reading “broken pottery turns into a piece of art”

11 + ways to repurpose a vintage door knob

door knobs, vintage door knobs, how many ways can I use thee …let me count the ways;   #1 ~  My all time fave….the “photo holder”, this is my version; rustic of course, but their are some wonderful things being done with a simple piece of wire and a door knob. A few little twistsContinue reading “11 + ways to repurpose a vintage door knob”