What Lurks Behind the Madness?

why…oh…why do you read so many blogs? because they teach… i learn they joke… i laugh they confide… i cry & pray they share ideas… i try their ideas yesterday without fail, i learned that mistakes can be a blessing! i found her blog (no that wasn’t my mistake) and she has great ideas. ding…lightContinue reading “What Lurks Behind the Madness?”

Rusty Wire + Tree Bark + Tin Roof Scraps =

It was this… and now it’s this… be still my Rustique heart! You think this is dreamy…check out the give-a-way over at FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS. Not just one thing…oh no no no… “10” wonderful items up for grabs. Nothing short of fabulous! Bet you can’t guess what I have my eyes on… Go check itContinue reading “Rusty Wire + Tree Bark + Tin Roof Scraps =”

Forever in Blue Jeans! [bluejean skirt tutorial]

I will be forever in blue jeans Maybe it’s just my era, I was born at the very end of 1959 That means I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and I was a blue jean babe…loved them and still do. I prefer my feet to be bare and my jeans to be faded,Continue reading “Forever in Blue Jeans! [bluejean skirt tutorial]”

Falling in Love with Fall Colors

Can you  feel it?  I can! the weather is making it’s way toward cooler days the slant of the sun is different football games are scheduled and pre games have begun, students are getting back to school, seasonal decorations out in the stores…lol, ALREADY! albeit subtle….the fall season is coming and I am so excited!Continue reading “Falling in Love with Fall Colors”

August in Our Home Town Always Brings….

100 plus temperatures Back to School Shopping and… the Balloon Festival! This August we welcome 4 of our grandchildren for a weekend without mom and dad! With promises not spoil them rotten, mom and dad reluctantly went to Boston for a seminar. What did we do? Swimming, read books, went to the library, played legosContinue reading “August in Our Home Town Always Brings….”

My Mistake Leads to New Design

When life gives you lemons….make lemonade But when you mess up your wire order and receive 12 rolls of the wrong gauge, what is a person to do? Well of course I immediately ordered the right gauge of wire… Then I listed my mistake on Etsy under the supply category, surely someone else might needContinue reading “My Mistake Leads to New Design”

A Goliath Veggie Tale

It all happen one night last week. The plan was this… I start dinner and hubby goes to the store for some extra items The list was short… Avocados, shredded lettuce, some fresh homemade flour tortillas and… one “firm” tomato. Easy enough… Any man could handle that, right? but then…you’d have to know my husband!Continue reading “A Goliath Veggie Tale”

Between the { } ….you won’t want to miss it!

{g.i.v.e.a.w.a.y} That word always gets my attention  but this time it’s even better! Looks what’s up for grabs… Head on over to Faded Prairie and visit with Kristin and then enter to win! and then take a gander at her awesome Etsy shop! {f.e.a.t.u.r.e} Oh..I like that word too! Betty over at Jack Rabbit FlatsContinue reading “Between the { } ….you won’t want to miss it!”