my new hue obsession

I find myself drifting away from the dark colors I’ve surrounded myself with for many years.  My den is dark red, my kitchen an olive green, my entry, small library and hallway are spiced gold, Riley’s room is dark chocolate. Believe or not these colors all blend and flow.  Crazy I know.  But it’s timeContinue reading “my new hue obsession”

he doesn’t bring me flowers…but that’s okay!

Does your hubby bring you surprises? Flowers. Chocolate. Lingerie (blush) Mine does on occasion…brings me surprises, not lingerie 🙂 For a man it can be hard to know what his woman wants I mean we are complicated by design and our emotions sometimes get out of hand. But for the most part our job shouldContinue reading “he doesn’t bring me flowers…but that’s okay!”

Help De-Stress Me…What Should I Do? Distressed Black or White?

Canton Trade Days….Fabulous Flea Market! Fun in the Sun and I always find something to bring home.  Two months ago was no different.  I found three pine tables for the “lizard lounge”  the room we are fixing up for our two teens to entertain in.  The look and feel, cozy, comfy, inviting and teen friendly. Continue reading “Help De-Stress Me…What Should I Do? Distressed Black or White?”