Eating out…..

I have to share with you this super easy recipe for the upcoming “eat outside every night” season! We have a pool and we love to play in it as much as we can. That means we like to grill while we’re out there and why not eat outside as much as possible! Our familyContinue reading “Eating out…..”

Just one more shop…and then I’ll stop!

Okay…I am officially addicted to Etsy! So much that I “had” to open another shop. Well also because I have accumulated over the years a few closets and a china hutch full of beautiful “junk”! And I must begin to let it go….so that I can accumulate more….of course! Please join me in celebrating theContinue reading “Just one more shop…and then I’ll stop!”

Marketing Preparation 101

Here’s the scenario….you go to the grocery store and your oblivious to anyone around you because all you care about is getting what you need and getting home. Then you hear someone say…..”can i look at your cross?” Well, of course that gets my attention and I turn toward the voice. A sweet elderly coupleContinue reading “Marketing Preparation 101”