Sweet & Sunny

If these beautiful little flowers are this pretty in the flats…Just imagine how pretty these will be in the flower beds…. On my long list of things I have to get done this weekend. I’m ashamed to say that these have sat like this for 3 weeks…remember I told you in a previous post thatContinue reading “Sweet & Sunny”

And The Award Goes To…..

I’m so flattered! *blush*I promise my speech won’t be long…I would like to thank crochethoughts for the sweet kindness she has bestowed upon me by awarding my blog with the “One Lovely Blog Award”Isn’t she a sweetheart….you’ll never guess what she does…I can tell you she just doesn’t think about crochet, she creates wonderful designs.Continue reading “And The Award Goes To…..”

This WAHM’s Dress Code….

Found this site and loved it. Great way to share your faith while your at the office…oh wait! my office is at home! Okay, my favorite way to dress for my “work at home day” is barefoot, bluejeans and tees…check out Wild Olive Tees. Wonderful colors, several sizes and styles….ultra fitted to classic tees. BeautifulContinue reading “This WAHM’s Dress Code….”

Don’t Throw It Away!!!!

I used to think that I was so good at getting rid of clutter….Meaning that I have no problem tossing items that don’t concern me. *anything that does not belong to me* If it is mine….dishes, magazines, pottery, jewelry…it stays!!!! Lately my mantra has become “Don’t throw that away…I can make something out of it!“Continue reading “Don’t Throw It Away!!!!”

Spring = Fresh = Birth = Renew = Easter = Christ has Risen

Just Charming ??? 1 1/2″ Aqua Wire cross charm embellished with pink rhinestone flower slider and accented with non-tarnishing silver wire. Great Easter gift for teachers, friends, co-workers! Add this cross charm to your Bible covers, backpacks, purses, jacket zipper….accent your jeans by attaching to your belt loop! Instant jean jewelry!!!Remove clip and add silkContinue reading “Spring = Fresh = Birth = Renew = Easter = Christ has Risen”

Turn on the light!

Ephesians 5:11 (New International Version)11Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.Remember the game truth or dare? I really never played a lot because I really didn’t want people to know all of my truths…you know what I mean? Fun at first and then comes a question you reallyContinue reading “Turn on the light!”