How to Style Vintage Grain Scoops

Since I have a couple of these beauties sitting around I enjoy thinking up new ideas on how to use them in my decor.  I love the galvanized metal and if I’m lucky I can find some with rust which makes them even more awesome, just my personal opinion of course.

When I first saw the scoop in the photo above, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. I assume there are other junk loving friends out in the world that share my passion for a great rusty find, so how about I share some style ideas with the vintage grain scoops in hopes of creating more uses for vintage grain scoops in your home.

Adding a plant was my first choice; a real plant is my preference for the front porch or patio, but artificial or an air plant is good too plus they are less upkeep.  A nice artificial fern or trailing ivy would look great, they look so real!

This grain scoop would also make a perfect sconce for a tabletop or mantel, just add a large candle or a mason jar, add sand, pebbles or colorful beads and nest a tea light.   I don’t collect dolls or teddy bears, but I could picture a cute vintage teddy bear sitting in this.

Other useful ideas include bathroom storage for a box of tissues, extra toilet paper rolls.   In the office as a mail holder.  In the kitchen to hold wooden spoons or other large utensils or a add a terracotta pot without the plant and you have a great caddie for the craft room to store scissors, rulers, pens and markers.

How about by the fireplace holding handcrafted brooms.


In the photo below I set the handle of the scoop inside the hole of a the iron pillar to create a sconce. (Actually it is really an old disc spacer off of a piece of farm equipment. Which by the way make excellent candle holders, but that’s a whole other post you can read here.)  I could probably go on for days on how to use or style a vintage grain scoop in the home. In fact you can find a whole bunch of  ideas on Pintrest.

As mentioned, I only have two metal grain scoops, but  I would love to find a couple of wooden scoops to add to my collection.

Well there you go…the scoop on the scoop.

Do you own any grain scoops?

How have you used them in your home?

I’d love to hear your ideas!

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