When hubby needs something to do….

My sweet husband works long days and weekends are always full of things to do around the house.  Yard work, tree trimming, pool clean, garage clean, wash cars or just catch up on book work for his pool cleaning business.   There is never a dull moment around here.  I worry about him and wonder if he ever feels overwhelmed.  He takes it all in stride and never complains, even though I know he’s tired.

Sundays are precious time spent together, going to church, long drives or maybe just sharing a bowl of popcorn while we binge on Netflix or watch movies.

When weekends roll around I always have a mental “honey do” list rolling through my head and most of the time I bite my tongue because I know he’s beat. But at the same time I know that he likes to keep busy.  He’s always been really creative and enjoys working on projects when time allows.

We’ve had tree limbs and old fence planks laying in our back yard for weeks and rather than suggest he spend the day cleaning, I dangled a carrot and challenged him to make something out of the materials waiting to be discarded.

As usual, my husband took me up on my challenge and blew me away with his determination to use only materials we had on hand, he went to work and after the dust cleared this was the result.


An adorable little rustic bird house.  He actually cranked out six of these in a span of 3 hours while listening to his beloved Packer game on his phone.  Gosh I love technology!  Of course the game was on the TV inside and he would take breaks every now and then, come in and watch.

I instantly fell in love with these sweet little bird houses and immediately dubbed them “rustic birdie cabins” and set about to add my rustic touches to them.  I added the wire and twine for hanging.  I was also instrumental in locating the screws for the little perching porches.  And then I had this idea…


Little feeding pots nested in a cone of rusted wire.  I had and stash of mini terracotta pots that needed a new purpose and now they are feeding pots for hubby’s birdie cabins.


Now I must tell you that I am fighting all kinds of urges to add little rustic touches here and there.  But for now this is how they roll.  Plain and simple, yet functional and adorable. I can’t wait for some sweet little birds to set up housekeeping.

Since there were so many made, I’ve listed some in my Etsy shop.  If they go quickly I bet hubby would make more.

These would make great gifts for Christmas!

peace. love. rust.




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