I’m Dreaming of a Rustic Cabin Christmas

As this Christmas season approached, I grew anxious.  Our beautiful daughter just got married in early November, then it was Thanksgiving and now…WOW it’s here!

Time to climb up in the attic and pulled down the dozens of tubs and boxes filled with our traditional Christmas decor.

I was tired. I began toying with the idea of a very simple Christmas decor this year. I was kinda feel’n the “Christmas with the Kranks” mood setting it. Minus the cruise of course.  I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to snuggle in for a long winter nap.

and then…

when Jake was home for Thanksgiving he said;

“Mom! When are you going to get all the snowmen out? Are you going to put them up on the amoire again?  I really loved that…I can’t wait!”

OH BOY! guess that nap will have to wait

Knowing I needed some help to get me into he holiday mood

 I took a tour down memory lane of Christmas’ past.

007Christmas 2011 decor

And then I began to dream about what Christmas’ future might look like.

And then I remembered the way the Christmas “present” was going to look like! Yikes…our tree!

Oh my gosh…our poor tree!

Our tree, usually a beautiful visual of our family’s personality, adorned with a collection of handmade, antique and one of a kind ornaments, was on it’s last leg last Christmas.  Our pre-lit tree was no longer lit because all 2000 lights had died.  I was unwilling to buy another tree, because I love the one we have, it’s shape, it’s size, the pine cones.

So we removed all 20 plus stands of lights, that were meticulously wrapped on every stink’n branch.

That little task took us two days to remove all the wires and lights….then I had to put lights back on!

20 more strands of lights went back on the tree, not as perfect as the original state, but it’ll do.  And it was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new tree.

So now that is done and the snowmen are out I’m happy to report.  Still not the explosion of Christmas decor as in the last few years, but it’s enough to make my son’s dreams come true.

 Actually, I dream too…it’s fun to dream.

While going through my blog to get into the Christmas decorating mode and to see how I decorated in years past, I found some of my favorite photos and I realize that my dreams have a common theme

for instance, did you know that I dream of a rustic cabin life?


Nothing glamorous

  just plaids, flannel, pine cones and rust

Quaint, but not primitive



Tucked back into the woods


Running water and electricity and an indoor bathroom

Lots of windows to watch the snow fall in the winter and let the breeze through in the summer.

A ginormous fireplace, made of stone of course

A front porch is a must

2012 Christmas Wreath

I have other dreams too, like a rustic seaside cottage

A farm house

2012 Christmas Entry Hall

Land with a creek running through it

Mountain views

Enough land to rescue dogs that don’t have a home

When I get my rustic cabin someday, I’ll want to decorate seasonally and of course Christmas will be my most favorite time of all.

Dining Room Sideboard

with snowmen covering every surface

pine cones, candles and the sweet scent of juniper

I prefer traditional colors of red and green

with berries, bobbles and rust of course.

002christmas centerpiece

2012 Christmas Centerpeice Rusty Bell

the occasional quirk is fun for the tree

022tea cup tree ornament

like teacups, antique flour sifters, water spigots and even pearls if you want

that’s what makes it personal and unique.


I guess that is why my home looks like it does…

I must already be living my dream!



“Merry Christmas”


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