My New Rustic Writing Desk from a Salvaged Sewing Treadle and Reclaimed Wood

 oh my!  this is embarrassing…. in order to give you some back story on this fun little project, i had to locate the photo taken of the salvaged sewing treadle my husband found and brought home.  i finally find the photo posted on IG, and oh my, oh my….it has a time stamp.  46 weeks?  almost a whole year has gone by.

guess the cat’s out of the bag now.  i am a procrastinator.

truth be told, it has been a year because i pulled the photo below a few weeks ago to put this post together, but….let’s just say there’s been curves in my life road recently.  now we are at 53 weeks gone by.  but by golly I’m finally ready to get this story told.

i posted this photo on IG one year ago last week, caption read; “Some girls get flowers and candy, but my guy brings me really cool junk!  Oh and he drops it off and just let’s me find it…those are the best kind of surprises.” 

Vintage Sewing Machine Treadle

and really…who knows how long these two items sat at the end of my driveway before i actually saw them.  needless to say i was thrilled with my new pretties.  except for the Peptol pink paint, i was very excited to now own a sewing treadle.

at least is was peeling paint, so after a date with a high powered water bath it was ready for a coat of flat black paint.


Vintage Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine Treadle

 i had no problems figuring out what this salvaged gem would become or where it would live in my house, but getting to that point was a long process.  well not the “where” part.  it came to rest in our kitchen, actually just off the kitchen, right at the end off the kitchen cabs.  nestled in the corner, under the phone.

i’ve always wanted a small desk in this space, but i didn’t want just any ole desk, it had to be smallish, unique and of course it had to be a little rustic.

Sewing Machine Treadle painted black

here it sat…for weeks

then months

now almost a year later,

we have a desk!



Sewing Machine Stand_Desk

Sewing Treadle Desk

one of the reasons it took so long to get to this point was due to finding the perfect piece for the top.  hubby and i knew what we wanted but sometimes you have to be patient.  our patience paid off big time when mr. wonderful happened to see a dilapidated structure with a nice junk pile next to it.  he stopped his truck, donned his work boots to trek through the tall weeds, all the while expecting to meet a snake, but hoping to find some great junk.

no snakes, but boy oh boy did he ever find something great!

Desk Top Reclaimed Wood

we’re not sure what it was originally but we are very pleased with what it is now.   we had to cut it down a bit, which meant removing the trim underneath.  knowing that we wanted to preserve the little notch that was in the trim, hubby gently removed the boards underneath, cut the reclaimed wood piece to the desired length, then cut down the trim  and put it all back together.  then he bolted onto the sewing treadle.

i added one of my old metal water spigots, securing it with bolt and now we had us a sweet little rustic desk.

Desk water spigot knob

Ironstone pitcher desk flower vase

Rustic Kitchen Desk

we are thrilled with the way this little desk turned out.  and i’m blessed to have such a wonderful guy who loves to find amazing junk and help me turn it into a rustic functional designs for our home.

for more ideas for vintage sewing treadles; check out my board on Pinterest



3 thoughts on “My New Rustic Writing Desk from a Salvaged Sewing Treadle and Reclaimed Wood

  1. I love this table. It turned out great and I especially love that your husband brings home treasures and leaves them for you to “find”. That is so sweet …he knows how to speak your language!
    sweet story and sweet table/desk!

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