Hamburger Salad

Summertime in Texas means a lot of iced tea and salads.
Jim and I typically have a salad for dinner three times a week.

As you can imagine, having the same salad over and over again would get boring. So sometimes we experiment with different flavors and ingredients creating some wonderful dishes.

One night I was craving a good old fashion hamburger. You know with mustard, tomatoes, purple onions and dill pickles? That is my all time fave. But it was way to hot for a heavy meal, so we decided to modify.

We took away the bun and added more lettuce, chopped up tomatoes, dill pickles and purple onions, sauteed some lean ground beef, grabbed our favorite salad bowls and begin to assemble our Hamburger Salads.

Hamburger  Salad

For me the dressing was easy, I love mustard on my hamburgers, so I drizzled some yellow mustard all over mine. But there are many alternatives for dressing to make your hamburger salad taste just like your favorite hamburger, sans the bun.

If you prefer the sweet taste of Miracle Whip or even a mayo burger, then by all means use those as your dressing, however if you are counting calories you might want to watch your serving size.  Another great dressing would be sweet mustard or even thousand island dressing.

Who knows, if you added some sesame seeds, you might end up with a Big Boy Salad 🙂

Here are the ingredients for the salad shown above:

1 lb – Laura’s lean ground beef

romaine lettuce

1 red tomato, chopped

purple onion, chopped

chopped dill pickles or relish

Brown up the ground beef, seasoning with salt and pepper or your favorite seasonings.  Wash, dry and tear romaine lettuce, chopped other ingredients.  Assemble salads in individual bowls.   We set up a salad bar and let people assemble their salads as they wish.

If you love cheddar burgers add some shredded cheese, or how about blue cheese crumbles? Yum!

Top with dressings and dig in!


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One thought on “Hamburger Salad

  1. Hi Cindi~
    I don’t know if you remember but in June I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes… we’ve been to our favorite hamburger place a couple of times since then and I’ve ordered The Bull- which is 1/2 lb of angus beef and all the trimmings that you’ve listed here. I have asked for mine sans bun…and they have not had a problem delivering. My family –did a double take, though. I guess they weren’t expecting me to take this so seriously…? I just don’t know.
    Well, anyway– I love my hamburger like this. Now– I haven’t gone cold turkey on the carb elimination completely (I am a NO-FRENCH-FRY-LEFT- BEHIND- KIND OF GAL) however, when I have eaten out at the burger joint– I end up having onion rings. I just put them on top of my salad and cut it up and dig in- I share an order with The Honey. Since, I like Braum’s special sauce (mustard, ketchup and pickle juice) on my onion rings anyway…that is what I put on my salad. It is so delicious.
    You and your hubby… eat simple like us!
    see ya ’round Pat

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