Easy to Make Boot Cuffs – Inspired to Create

What inspires you?

Several things come to mind when I get asked this question.  I am often inspired simply by the desire to make something for someone I love.  Other times I become inspired when I find something in my home that is worn out and needs to be tossed, yet there still seems to have life in it.

Know what I mean?

Like these socks, they were my faves, my go to socks for jeans and clogs.  I loved them.  They were soft, cozy and neutral.  Three very important requirements to be in my wardrobe.   But as you can see in the photo below, they were well past there prime.  I have a hard time letting go of things I love.  So these socks remained in my drawer, taking up room, yet every time I saw them, I hesitated to throw them out.

Does this make me a hoarder?

Upcycle Worn Socks.1

I just knew there was a reason to keep them.

Back in December I was planning a trip to California to see my daughter, son in law and my six grand babies. Whenever I visit, I like to have little gifts to hand out when I get there. Nothing fancy, just small things I’ve picked up over time or even little things around the house.
With two grand daughters who like to wear boots, I remembered those socks and then an idea begin to take shape.

Wouldn’t they make cute boot cuffs?

I dug them out of my drawer and grabbed my shears.

A couple of snips, a few stitches and some buttons, I had two pair of handmade boot cuffs to give to my girls.

Handmade Boot Cuffs

I gave the tan pair to the older grand daughter because they were bigger.

These were so simple.

I just cut the socks right above the heal. Then I rolled up the raw edge just a bit and sewed a finishing stitch with my sewing machine to keep them from raveling.

I also kept the rolled edge on the outside so the seam wouldn’t irritate the leg.

Handmade Boot Cuffs
And I gave the gray pair to the younger grand daughter.

Since these socks were crew socks they wouldn’t have fit my legs but they worked out great for an 11 year old and a 7 year old.

This isn’t the first time I’ve up-cycled for my granddaughter.

We put our heads together and designed a darling skirt for her.  You can read more about that HERE

UpCycled Boot Cuffs

So…. I’ve taught myself how to knit and I knitted (or is that;  I have knit) a pair of boot cuffs for my daughter.  Not as easy as the worn out socks.  There were a lot of late nights, dropped stitches, unravel and begin again days.  But I finally got them done!

I can only show you a teaser pic because I wanted to surprise her.  I mean, she knows they are on the way, but she doesn’t know what they look like.

but here is just a peek…

Hand Knit Boot Cuffs

When hers arrive, then I can show you the rest of the pic.

Maybe she’ll even model them for us!

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7 thoughts on “Easy to Make Boot Cuffs – Inspired to Create

  1. This is such a great idea- very nifty!
    I really related to your opening paragraph- you took the words right out of my mouth.
    As an art student and fellow creative, I love what you are doing here and I look forward to reading your blog posts!
    I guess I just wanted to let me know that you have really inspired me today, I can’t wait to make these for myself 🙂

  2. I am so glad that that I found your blog. I have several pairs of old and beloved boots that are no longer worn that will be perfect to repurpose for cuffs!

    Thank you for the idea.

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