A Trip to Home Depot and Lowes Completes My Mission

I am one blessed lady because I have the best of both worlds right about 3 miles from my drive way.

For real!  We have a Home Depot on the south side of the road and just across the street on the north side of the same road, is Lowes!

And you can bet that if I can’t find something at one place, I will drive over to the other and probably find what I need.

So here’s how this story goes….

I had a vision of what I wanted our front porch to look like this Christmas.  I was real pretty in my head.

Now to find what I’ve dreamed up and make it real.

First I wanted two iron urns with tall evergreens on each side of the door.


Well, the iron urns I’ve found at the salvage barn were too high, the one pictured above is exactly what I wanted, but even those are more than I was wanting to pay.  Then I thought about urns made out of cement, but I couldn’t find them locally.

Then I found some really nice box type planters painted dark brown at Lowes, the price was lower but still way more than I wanted to pay.

While at Lowes I thought I would go ahead and find the greenery I wanted for each container.  I wanted something tall and slender, an evergreen so we could plant them in the yard after the holidays.

But Lowes’ garden center didn’t have any bushes or shrubs, only Christmas trees.

I was a little bummed.

I was also on the hunt for four wreaths for the four windows across the front of our house.  You would think this would be easy to find considering it is almost Christmas.  But all the wreaths I found at Lowes had lights on them.   I didn’t want wreaths that lit up, just plain.

But before you think I left Lowes empty handed, think again.

I did find a rug for my front porch!

It was just what I was looking for!  You can find one for your porch HERE

Fast forward two days…

My new rug looked wonderful but I was still missing the items I was wanting for each side of my front door.

My vision had changed a bit, time and roadblocks will do that, but now I was sure I would find what I wanted and hopefully it would be affordable.

It was time to head to Home Depot

After stocking up on more plate hangers, I spotted a display of wreaths and they were just what I wanted, in the cart they go, four wreaths with big red bows and no lights.

Next it was out to the garden area to find two containers for my tall evergreens that I had yet to find

there they were!  the all purpose galvanized buckets

and will you look at that price!

Of course you could find these at Lowes too, but I already knew there weren’t any shrubs to be found over there or wreaths and I was already at Home Depot so this is where I picked up two galvanized buckets.

Quite a stretch from rusty iron urns to galvanized buckets…uh? I’m not really digging the shiny but I know that won’t last forever

Like I said, visions and ideas change.

Sometimes you have to be flexible with ideas or else nothing would ever get done.

You would forever be in a holding pattern and never land the plane.

Next was finding the evergreen shrubs,  there were a lot of evergreens but I wanted tall and slender

I found two I could live with and tossed them into the cart,

it was time to get out of there before I found something else to buy.

I loved snapping this photo and sending it to hubby in a text that said “score“!

okay, now to land the plane…

Once I got them home, I realized the wreaths didn’t rock my world , so I took three back and hung one on Riley’s apartment door as a surprise.

She loved it!

My buckets and evergreens look nice and I’m happy with the results even though it wasn’t my original vision

I still have some fluffing to do, like hide some cords, add some bows, fix my sad excuse for a wreath and then I’ll call it good

it looks really nice at night

and the best part is next year the buckets will have nice patina and look like this

by the way…

I still want my rusty iron urns, maybe I’ll get them someday

and then again, someday I might not want them anymore, so for now my shiny galvanized buckets will do.

I spent $75.84 total and all of the items I bought will be used after Christmas, the rug will be stored to use again next year and the Arborvitae will be planted in the Spring.

Two galvanized buckets @ 9.88 = $19.76   (Home Depot)

Two Live Arborvitae @ 8.98 =  $17.96 (Home Depot)

One Indoor/Outdoor rug $28.14 (Lowes)

Wreath for Riley’s Door $ 9.98 (Home Depot)

Merry Christmas

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