December Already?

23 days until Christmas! Wow, when you type the words it really makes the month seem very short.

To make it seem even shorter, I’ve decided to fly to California for a week to see these six little angels

[photo by Autumn Beck]

The added perk is that I will get to enjoy their parents too.


Today is our anniversary!  WooHoo!

I’ve been married to this wonderful man for 29 years.  He deserves a medal.


Today is also Cyber Monday, did you shop online all day?

My Monday morning began at 3am. Not because I wanted to shop.  I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and walked around the house, snuggled with Rudy (he wasn’t amused) and then turned on the television.

So much goes on while we sleep…who knew? and do I really want to know?

Can you believe it? Last week it was so cold here in North Texas and there were threats of freezing rain, but today I have the windows open. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, sunny and mild.  At the end of the week we will be freezing again.  Such is the weather in Texas.  It’s crazy, but I love it.

About two weeks ago I was blessed with this view

Now it’s completely empty.

It was so pretty to look at every day.  I can see it from my office window.  Out that same window I watched a squirrel bury an acorn this morning, he was so close I could have reached out the window and touched him.  Those little guys can dig!  They must have awesome arm muscles.  And then once buried they cover it up, put the leaves back over the spot and ever so gently pat it with their little hands.  It’s really funny, I will remember where he buried that acorn but he won’t.  But then I’ll forget why I walked into a room or where my glasses are.  Maybe I should ask the squirrel.

Speaking of empty trees, our Christmas tree is up, but empty.  Has been for two weeks.  The boxes of ornaments are just sitting and waiting for me to do my thing.  I have a quirk about the way I decorate the tree, I should say system, like I have a purpose and reason, but it really is a quirk.  The ribbon and star have to go up first. For that reason alone you would think I would put it in a box marked “open first” that way I wouldn’t have to hunt for it every year.   It only took me 20 minutes to locate the ribbon, I could’ve had all the ornaments up in that time.

So today while I work,  I’ll take short breaks and grab a box of ornaments, toss them on the tree then go back to my desk.

Does that qualify for multitasking?


We have a new grand dog.

Her name is Daisy.  She’s a one year old yellow lab rescue.  Our daughter Riley convinced herself that she needed a companion, so a large 65 lb dog for a one bedroom apartment should do the trick.  I’m convinced this will be a great lesson for Riley.

She is definitely honing her patience skills, learning how to function on very little sleep and is learning what it’s like to be responsible for a life that is dependent on her for food, shelter, love and attention.

Hummmm….sounds like being a parent, even if it is a fur child.


And today I opened an email from an awesome blogger telling me that I was featured on her wonderful blog today.  How cool is that?

So if you have some time, hop on over to The Dedicated House and see the other blogs Kathryn featured today.

Hope your Monday was wonderful!



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