Salvaged Items Find New Purpose in Our Home

Wow, that title reads like a news headline.

If this were really newsworthy the headline might read like this; “Cookie Jar Shatters But Lid Miraculously Survives” and the story would go on to tell you how the lid was not thrown away but forgotten for years, left to gather dust under a cabinet out in the garage, until one day the mister was cleaning out the junk filled cabinet and asked the misses what he should do with it.

My mouth said…keep it? but my eyes said…duh!

and then I got that look from him…you know the one? Like, ” you’ve kept in this long and why?”

I mean seriously, why did I keep that lid?

It was guilt I tell ya. Just plain old guilt, probably because I broke the jar.

But now it has a job to do, it hags on the wall in my kitchen.

and then…

a towel gets tossed it from time to time!  It’s now my new towel hook next to my sink.

and I tell the mister to never doubt me again!


How about those really old and paint crusted iron claw feet for a tub, but no tub to go with it? and I bought them for what reason?  No other than they were really awesome and I just knew I could use them some how, some where.

and we did

They make great door stops!  I think a pair of these would make great book ends too.

Probably need to grout my tile instead of writing a blog post…nah, this is more fun.


I’ve shared before how I use vintage door knobs; but I’m sure there are many more uses than I’ve found.
In fact one of my favorite Pins last year was the glass knobs as Christmas tree ornaments. Loved that!

I still love having them sit in a big bowl for decoration and for holding photos

Rustique Art's Door Know Photo Holder


Here’s a little tip for ya…you might have read to keep some chalk in your toolbox to keep you tools from rusting

(what? they’re not supposed to be rusty?)

I’ve discovered something else…the chalk helps me see the engraved sizes on my drill bits

so I find a purpose for even the smallest piece of chalk, the little nubs get tossed in the tool box too. then when someone doesn’t put the drill bits back in their little place in the bit box, just rub the chalk across the tops of the bits then wipe away the dust and there they are!

yep, they have gauges for that sorta thing too, but those end up missing.

Now if this would only work on my sewing machine needles 🙂

Speaking of sewing, needles and drill bits…the dust has been flying around here.  I’ve even got the mister working on some of my projects.

New things being made and installed, stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Salvaged Items Find New Purpose in Our Home

  1. Finally! I find the lid to my Gingerbread cookie jar! I bought the jar sans lid because it is so cute, thinking I would easily find a lid. That was years ago! But the jar stays tucked away on a shelf, waiting.

    I suspect you may not want to part with your clever towel hook. If you WOULD sell the lid, please email me! Thank you, Beverly

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