Rustic Decor Accents with Neutral Textures

Nubby, Rough & Neutral

this fall I’m in the mood for lots of texture and neutrals

I’m also loving my newest hobbies….crochet and knitting

I’ve always loved fiber, in fact I could spend more money on yarn than beads.

Beads, wire and yarn…my stash overfloweth!

For months this idea has been floating around in my head and it has finally made it’s way to completion. It seems to take me awhile to move into create mode.  For some reason my ideas from beginning to end take months.  I suppose this is okay since I don’t really work under any deadlines.

The idea was to crochet a pillow out of some big chunky string.  You know like the string a mop is made out of.   Since I didn’t know where to find that, I just bought a mop head (you can buy them in bulk, who knew?) and took it apart then created a HUGE ball of yarn,

of which I used for other things for a time, but then I got busy and finally made my pillow!

It only took me almost two years!!

(18 months to think about it and 1 week to make it)

but here it is…

I love it…

it turned out just the way I imagined it would.

I didn’t do too much decorating this year for fall, only one little area and I think that only happened because I was cleaning that area and you know how that goes…

you begin cleaning, then get sidetracked and since you have everything torn apart and in a mess already, you might as well decorate while you put it all back together.

yeah…that only lasted one day, then I was over it.  The cleaning part too.

So as we say goodbye to October, I’ll leave you with a view of my tiny little corner of fall decor.

See you in November!

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3 thoughts on “Rustic Decor Accents with Neutral Textures

  1. I love the pillow that you made, even if it took you awhile to complete it. I know how that goes. lol As far as decorating goes, I’m a little slow this year. I’ve got my fireplace decorated, but that’s about it. I guess I’m getting a little slower with age. Maybe while I’m cleaning today, I will pull more out, if I don’t get side tracked.

    1. Thank you Paula…after reading your comment I got a little giddy. I just realized that getting “side tracked” is part of the fun and it ignites that spontaneous creativity.

  2. Hi Cindi! I stumbled across your blog while looking for throw pillows, and I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the pattern you used to make your pillow. I love to crochet, and it just seems so economical to make my own!

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