50th Wedding Anniversary Cross

Meet Russ and Mary…aren’t they adorable?

They were married June 15, 1963.

Remember your wedding day?

Were you thinking about the day you and your beloved would celebrate 50 years of marriage?

Not me.  I was just wrapped up in the moment of my wedding day.

But I think about it now…More like I dream about it.

Just imagine, someday I will be married to my wonderful man for 50 years!  That’s only 21 years from now.   I’m sure that time will fly by about as fast as our kids growing up did.

Are you wondering why I’m thinking about this date so far into my future?

It’s because recently I received an email requesting a cross for a 50th wedding anniversary.  My first reaction was what an honor is was to be part of this couple’s monumental day, then I began gathering items for their cross.  I knew this would be something they would hold dear, representing not only their years together as husband and wife, but also the years they spent raising children, struggling with issues that all married couples go through.  There was probably a lot of laughter as well as tears.  Then I wondered how many times they fell in love with each other over that span of time, because we all know that every marriage, even the best ones, have their share of ups and downs.

After I packed it up and shipped it off I couldn’t stop thinking about this precious couple.  I knew the day they would be celebrating their anniversary and I kept wondering if they would like the cross that was made just for them.  So I caved and send an email to my client who ordered the cross.

She was so kind to fill me in and send me photos too!  Here is what she had to say…

“Our dear friends loved it!  Mary was actually speechless when she opened it. After staring at it for a long time She said with tears in her eyes; “It’s beautiful! This is so special!, ya’ll are so special! I love it!”  Then she wouldn’t put it down.  She just kept holding it in pictures and when other people would walk up she would show them.  It was perfect! Thank you so much for making it so beautiful and special.”

Now I had tears…I should be thanking her for allowing me to share this special day with Russ and Mary.

Below is a photo of Mary opening their gift

I love the way it was presented to them….in a book box.

This just warms my heart!

and then…

the cake!

Oh my gosh…I love that cake!
I’m so happy for Russ and Mary.
I pray they have 50 more years of wedded bliss.
I love a great love story don’t you?

I had so much fun making this cross for them.  Even though I don’t know them, I feel like I do.

I’m filled with joy knowing that they loved their cross and now every time they look at it they will be reminded of their special day.

Maybe they will also reminisce about the first 50 years together.

And they will smile hold hands and cuddle.


4 thoughts on “50th Wedding Anniversary Cross

  1. What a beautiful love story – and it made me smile also that you were part of their celebration.

    I too will celebrate my 50th anniversary in 21 years! Maybe someone will give me one of your lovely crosses 🙂

  2. Cindi,

    Thank you for your most precious blog on our 50th Anniversary Party. How sweet of you to write all those lovely words about us. The cross was just so beautiful – how talented you and and could see all the love put into creating this just for us.

    It was the most beautiful evening – it truly was like a fairy tale – I was floating on air! My friends who gave me this gorgeous cross you made – are amazing they always make me feel like the most wonderful person – I am so blessed to have them as my dearest friends – words cannot express how precious they are to me – God is so good to me!

    Love to all
    Mary and Russ

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