a warm rug & some fall primping {home decor}

it’s hard to shop for rugs. so many things to consider. the price, size, colors…

then there’s the price, style, and material. you also need to consider the price, durability and the price.

and i’m fickle, throw all that into the mix and rug buying turns out to be a real pain…for hubby that is.

for me it’s just endless hours searching for something the fits all of the above criteria.

he gets to tag along when i think i’ve stumbled onto something i can live with for a season.

so here’s the latest attempt to find a fall rug for my entry way.

i picked this one up at World Market yesterday. i asked about the return policy just in case i didn’t like it.

easy enough, just bring it back with receipt within 30 days.

pshhhh! i said all i would need is 24 hours.

what can i say; when you know, you know.

so whatayathink?  cut the tags and call it good?

i like it…but do i love it?

something just isn’t right.

ahhh!  i know…

okay now i’ll keep it.

i have the quirk…well i really have several, but this particular quirk is my preference of askew-ity.

that’s not even a word but it describes this quirk the right way.

i prefer things on an angle.

when the rug was straight, i found it boring

just a little tilt and i happy.

but what i like most of all is that it brings warmth to this space and the design reminds me of the fall mums that are blooming in my flowerbeds.

my attempt at seasonal decorating this year is a bit lackluster, but i managed to pull some things together

i know it’s not very ghoulish. but then i’m not a huge fan of halloween, but i do love all the colors of fall.

and it’s just so happens that rust fits right in with the fall theme.

this should hold me over for a few more weeks…

until the snowmen start their annual pilgrimage down from the attic.

what about y’all? have fall colors and plump pumpkins spicing up your home this season?

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4 thoughts on “a warm rug & some fall primping {home decor}

  1. Cindi, your funny…when I’m rearranging furniture or nick-knac I have it askew! They hubby always says, yes I know nothing is to be straight. He says its because I’m left handed. Lol…love the rug.

  2. ‘askew-ity’… not a word as far as SPELL CHECK GOES…but I’ve just added it to my own vocabulary! The perfect word to describe your quirk…to otherwise NON-Texans. Those living outside our boarders don’t ‘get it’ when you say “caddy-whompus”…to describe the same quirk! lol…
    I don’t do Halloween either. I like fall…but am skimpy on the decorations for that season. Rust is the perfect detail for fall decor. I like all yours…and I’m really loving that shelf up high above the board and batten.
    have a great week. Pat

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