The Charm of Old Windows

Saturdays in the fall are good for a lot of things like,

cleaning house, laundry, yard work, washing cars…

But every once and a while Jim and I ignore the chores, grab our coffee, jump in the car and go something fun.

More often than not we end up in our favorite salvage place, Discount Home Warehouse in Dallas.

They have oodles of junk, rooms filled with drool worthy things like old mantles, light fixtures, door knobs, iron railings from porches, shutters….the list is endless.  We always find something we want.  We don’t always take something home with us, as was the case this time, but it didn’t stop me from taking some photos while I was there.  So I guess in a way, I did get to bring something home with me.

DHW has the fun job of removing wonderful detail pieces from old homes and historic landmarks.  Some of the salvaged materials are jaw dropping, some I can just walk on by without a second thought.

They had some old windows sitting out back in the warehouse, nothing odd about that, there are rows and rows of doors and windows, but I spied a pair of windows that made me stop and stare.  They were so wonderful.  Within a minute I could visualize these windows as they were in a home years ago.

Most likely open allowing the spring breezes to blow through, or maybe closed against the cold winter winds.

Painted in a fabulous vintage green, of course it was chipping and peeling, a character trait of vintage wooden or metal windows.  But check out the other things that give these and all other old windows, the charm of years gone by.

The old locks that were painted over time after time until they were almost unable to turn.  Individual panes of glass.  Can you see the chicken wire inside the glass?  Wow!  Did you know that you can still buy this type of glass today.  If bought new it goes for around $45/sq ft.  And you can find the vintage glass on various auction sites.   Since this is frosted glass, I’m guessing this was in a bathroom maybe.

Sash chains and hooks…oh my. love.

I bet the sound of opening and closing was really neat.  Kind of squeaky and rattley.

It even looks as if this window was made of galvanized metal, so maybe this was an industrial window.

The tag says; “Windows from Landmark Building in Denton”

$750 is all they’re asking 🙂

I wondered what building so I looked up landmark buildings in Denton, TX

ahhh….another rabbit hole for me to fall into.

Historical buildings are awesome.  I love architecture.  I love the design of buildings.

I should’ve been an…



Majored in Art History?


think it’s too late for me?

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