Thankful for Burnt Toast & Cold Coffee…A Blessed Life

I used to set my alarm for 3:00pm everyday.

Can you guess why?

It was to remind me to stop what I was doing and go pick up my kids from school.  They now drive.  They are happy they don’t have to wait on me ever again.

I’m not ashamed of my forgetfulness, I just get really engrossed in what I’m doing and time slips away, toast gets burned, coffee gets cold and sometimes the bathtub runs to the top rim and runs cold.

I imagine Einstein was forgetful too.  Although I’m not a genius, our hair styles look alike on certain days.  Either I forget to brush it or I’m in the midst of pulling it out.  Thank goodness for scrunchies and baseball caps.

What keeps me so wrapped up that I would actually forget to pick up my children?  hum…well as you can see it’s not housekeeping!

It’s just those little things called “projects”!  you know…things like, replacing a hard drive in a laptop so Riley can have a newer one and Jake can have her old one.  If this goes as planned,  I replace it, load Windows back on it, then transfer all of her files onto it, and do this without blowing it up, then I will be blogging about that.  Because after all, everyone should know how to do this…right!

Of course this will include photos or a video.  Editing the photos or video, uploading and constructing the post.   And there goes your day…pretty much.

Or maybe learning how to operate my camera, yes the one in the photo, the one that I forgot to turn off so the battery ran down and I had to dig my point and shoot out of my purse to take this photo.  There is a HUGE learning curve when you get a DSLR.  Yes…HUGE!  and I don’t read and learn very well…wait, no I read very well, I just don’t learn that way… I have to watch and learn and do a lot of trial and error.  I muddle through and while in the midst of muddling, I forget about the time. (note to self: turn off camera)

And then there is my job.  I do work and get paid (blessed).  I work from home (so blessed).  As a product support and admin assistant for a chiropractor/copywriter, I sit in front of a computer most of the day, with the exception of getting up and letting dogs out to do their thing, putting a load of laundry into the washer and folding another load, unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming up massive amounts of dog hair.  Sometimes I eat if I remember to.  Regardless if it’s burnt or cold.

When I’m not working I go to movies with my daughter Riley, go to lunch with friends, play in the dirt,  create things, market my business, list products in my Etsy shop, blog, take pictures, read blogs, watch tutorials, research how to do things, make lists, chat with friends on FB, decorate and when I’m feeling really energetic or frustrated I demolish something.  Demo is very therapeutic.

As you can see, I get lost in my work, my creating, my everything…and I forget about toast in the oven and water running in the tub or the pool.

So I set a timer, set alarms, write notes to myself, use my Google calender with alerts set to email me about appointments, schedules and dead lines.

You might be saying; “this woman is a nut!”   But really I’m not.  I’m just blessed with a full life…abundantly blessed and I’m so very thankful for the blessings.

My wonderful supportive hubby…so thankful for him.  My precious family. My job. The ability to multi-task minus the ability to remember things while multi-tasking, the freedom to run a small business and a venue to share ideas with others, my blog.

But none of this would be possible without God.  And that is what I am most thankful for.  His grace. His mercy. His love. His Son.

Without my faith, I might still have a husband, family, job and all the other perks…but I wouldn’t be able to handle the little dramas and roadblocks that come with everyday life.

One thing I do remember to do each day is to talk with God, out loud and in whispers, all day long.  I ask Him questions when I’m confused, shout praises when thankful and pray for those who ask me for pray and those who God places in my heart that day.  My dogs are used to this continuous discussion out loud, they just think I’m talking to them.  They look at me as if searching for an answer to my questions.  When I shout and whoop in praises they wag their tags and get excited, when I pray they sit quietly and listen.

It’s no wonder I forget about my toast, my coffee…my heart is full, my hands are not idle, and for this I will always remember to be thankful!

4 thoughts on “Thankful for Burnt Toast & Cold Coffee…A Blessed Life

  1. I thought I was the only one with cold coffee! My problem is I find it in the microwave a day later, when I go to heat the next cup! LOL.

    Love your beautiful perspective on life and the blessings of the Lord. Thank you for sharing with us a bit more about yourself, your day….thanks for being real!

    And I don’t like to read/learn either…I’m a figure it out by trial and error sorta girl…I wonder if crafty people are just like that??!?!?!

  2. Hmmm…cold coffee and burnt toast. Sounds oddly familiar.
    the hair? Well, I was just reading online the other day, because it caught my attention on a sidebar somewhere…and off I go, I’m easily distracted too, I might add…Anyway, I was reading how messy hair is ‘IN’ !! Yay me.
    So…I was running late last Saturday (had to drive to Greenville,TX about 1 hr away) jumped out of the shower…rubbed a towel all over my shoulder length ,very thick hair…and went!

    no one noticed that I hadn’t brushed my hair, in fact I got compliments on it. 😉
    So like I said… the hair? no problem. Your ‘IN’!
    I can definitely relate to the post, perhaps you gathered that already!

    … I ramble, Pat 😉

  3. What a wonderful post! I was thinking “Wow, there is someone out there like me! Except she is brilliant in setting a timer.”
    Now, if I can just find mine. 🙂

    Have a beautiful and blessed holiday weekend.

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