Our North Carolina Road Trip [Day One]

The day had arrived, the car was packed, maps where folded and ready for access when needed.  A full tank of gas and two girls ready for an adventure.

Our plans to drive to North Carolina have been in the planning stages for months.  It was my 19 year old daughter’s dream to go to North Carolina.  This is where you might be asking yourself; “why North Carolina?”  “why not New York? or any of the other states?  The answer is simple, but the whole story about North Carolina is long.  So this post will ramble on over the next few months, filling in between posts about fall decorating, fall gardening, new Rustique Art designs, high school football, the continuing saga of my kitchen redo and if all goes as planned, a trip to California.  And that would be just the tip of my multifaceted life.  God is good to me, this is one thing I am very much aware of.  I live a blessed life and let me just say right now, all the glory goes to God.   As this story continues you will understand more why God’s mercies are so amazing.   This simply means I leaned on Him a lot during our road trip.

My second picture of our “road trip” was of what we were leaving behind…

Yes that is the look of concern on my precious husbands face, but he is trying so hard to mask it with encouragement and support.  Jake on the other hand has that “I got this” look on his face.  Which in the end turns to pouting as days pass….turns out, life with out a mama in da house is not so grand.  He missed me!  He really missed me!

So…simple answer as to why North Carolina….Riley has read almost all of the books written by Nicholas Sparks and most of his books are set in towns in North Carolina.  This is probably because Mr. Sparks lives in North Carolina.  Riley thought it would be fun to visit the towns written about in his books.  And why not? Sounds perfectly logical and fun…and she wanted to do this with me.  Wow!  I was on board with it, so was my husband, so we set a date and here we are.  Day one of a 10 day road trip across three states for sure….but in the end, because of the route we chose, the final count came to 8 states in 8 days!

Day 1

We had decided that we would take the north route going out the NC and take the south route coming home. Heading east on I30 out of Dallas at 10:40am we enjoyed the first day of our trip in a state of euphoria.  If you’ve ever been on a long road trip, one that you’ve planned over several months, then you know that feeling of freedom and wanderlust that comes from finally being on the road to your destination.  You’re well rested, everything is organized, you’re ready to take on the miles!  Our first order of business was to stop in Texarkana to meet up with an Facebook friend who had bought a rattan screen from me.  It was amazing how it all worked out.  She met up with us just off the interstate, we unloaded the screen from my car and into her truck.  This was also a great time to stretch take our first of many bathroom breaks and get something to drink.  Then we were back on the road and ready to experience the beauty of Arkansas, the first state we would travel through this day.  By late afternoon we had made it to Tennessee!  WooHOOO!  I love it when I see that amazing bridge from miles away.

I posted this photo on Instagram and within a minute I got a reply from Gina at  The Shabby Creek Cottage, welcoming us to Tennessee!  How awesome is that?

I love bridges.  Boy, little did I know what was in store for me on this trip.  I never counted them all, but as it turns out, there are a lot of bridges in the states we would be going through.  I loved them all…Riley? not so much.

and I love city skylines…

and signs!

I’m even fascinated by the patina on the silos.

and interesting landmarks…

The Pyramid Arena

and if the cities of Tennessee are amazing, guess what?  The mountains are breathtaking!

As much as I love Texas…we don’t have anything like this, so being able to see this beauty in a matter of hours on the road…we are blessed and I am thankful.

Day one ended in Lebanon, TN where we hunkered down for the night.  It was after midnight and it had been a long day.  We were weary and licking our wounds from a bad hotel experience in Nashville.    It was late, I was emotional, my expectations were not met, frustration and anger got the best of me.  (this is me not leaning on God)  So as tired as we were, we headed a little further east and found a hotel to stay in.   Nothing against Nashville, but a word of warning for all those who might ever travel with me, I am notorious for finding the “wrong side of town” every stink’n time!  Add to that the fact that it was after dark and I was not familiar with the area…it was just best to cut my losses and move on.  The hotel wouldn’t cancel my reservation made through Priceline via a corporate perks site.  Priceline washed there hands of the whole ordeal, I was out $55.  Whatever.  It was water under the bridge at this point. It was time to find a safer place and swallow my pride. (this is me listening to God and leaning really hard, in fact at this point, He is carrying me)

Our mother daughter road trip adventure will continue in another post some other day, but for now…


2 thoughts on “Our North Carolina Road Trip [Day One]

  1. What an incredibly memorable time for you and her! I just love that you did it! Hooray!

    The mountains are lovely.

    BTW, if your trip to CA pans out, you are more than welcome to stay here as a stopping place. We’d love to host you. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story . P.S. thanks for the mention and the timing was perfect ! HAHA Peace, Love and Rust i love it !!

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