Purging the Garage

I could think of better things to do in the month of August than clean out my garage.

This is normal.  Old timers might say; “awh heck! that ain’t noth’n, why back in…”

For real the hottest summer in Texas was last year.  So this looks like a cool front!

Back to my initial statement; “why clean out the garage now?”

Probably because of the World’s Longest Yard Sale going on this weekend and I would love to be one of those yards.

Maybe they will eventually snake over to the west.  Wouldn’t that be a blast to be a part of that?

But the real reason is because when the mood strikes, you get on it before it leaves.

So I pushed my way in, way back into the farthest corner and began moving junk and uncovering the good stuff.

In fact it was so hidden, my kids kept asking me; “where did that come from?”

Now you know….I am a hoarder of junk.  Shocking!

Want to know what I found?

My pegboard display tower that I used in shows and in a vendor booth I used to have.

Four chunky table legs…check out those curves!

A table top that I once had high hopes for

a rattan scroll screen, which was sold yesterday when I plastered all of this treasure hunt all over my facebook page.  Riley and I will be hand delivering this to it’s new owner on our way out of town next Monday.

One of my favorite perks about blogging and selling my products, is meeting my customers and friends from my blog and facebook friends.

a twin headboard and footboard or two headboards…or whatever someone wants to make with them.

I think they would look awesome painted turquoise and made into a daybed…or not.

That’s just it, I don’t want to do anything with them, so they gotta go.

A cute chair.

See I’m even offering suggestions on what to do with it!

Another table top, but I’ve decided to keep this and make something.

And are you ready for this…

an ironing board!

and guess what?

I don’t want it…

but guess what else?

there are a lot of really awesome things one could do with this, two ideas come to mind immediately…

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors used hers for a light on her fabulous desk made out of pallets.

If you haven’t seen it I would be shocked, but you can see it by going HERE.

and then there is the chalkboard table that Maggie of Little Miss Maggie, painted and added some awesome typography! It is stunning and you can see that by going HERE.

I’m pretty sure there are a ton of ideas for vintage wooden ironing boards out there in bloggy land and on Pinterest.

That is just a bit of what I dug out.  Sad to say there is so much more.  But what I’ve shared with you here is good junk, the other stuff is crap and that just gets taken to the curb…and who knows, maybe somebody will love it more than me.

That’s called the “circle of JUNK” or would that be the “cycle of JUNK”

So if you live near Dallas/Ft.Worth and you see something you can live without, send me a message.

This is all going on Craig’s list and hopefully into the loving homes.


13 thoughts on “Purging the Garage

  1. I concur. It’s 112 in Phoenix today. I too just got rid of a wooden ironing board.

    I am now following you on Pinterest.

    I also wanted to invite you to my blog. I just began a new linky party entitled “Friday’s Favorite Pin” where you link up your favorite pin of the week. And yes, it can be your own creation.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love the pegboard display and have been looking for one for a long time. Would you e-mail me and let me know what you are willing to part with it for?

  3. Hello, I just opened an art gallery and I love the rotating pegboard display you show above. Could you tell me where you got it or how to? I would appreciate any leads. Best, Carrie

    1. Hi Carrie,

      My awesome hubby made it one afternoon after I shared my vision of a display structure for my booth in craft shows. He really is quite a handy guy to have around 🙂

  4. I know you probably don’t have that awesome pegboard display anymore, but would you be chance know the size of the panels? 🙂

    1. Hey Kathy,

      I asked my husband if he was interested in making more. He said he would. Are you interested in ordering one? Shipping costs might be a bear but maybe you are local. Let me know.

  5. I love the peg board and would like the dimentions if possible? I would like to get one made just like yours.
    Luv, luv,luv it!!

    1. I asked my husband if he was interested in making more. He said he would. Are you interested in ordering one? Shipping costs might be a bear but maybe you are local. Let me know.

  6. Hi there,

    I love your pegboard tower and was wondering if I could buy plans from you/your husband on the build. I own a boutique and need 3 or 4 and I don’t think I could afford shipping on them. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Erica,

      We built it from scratch. No plans 😦 We have discussed making more and at that time we would write up the steps, but that has not happened yet. Where is your shop? I’d love to check it out.

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