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Rich dark colors draw me in.  Do you ever take those home decor “personality” tests? You know the ones where the website presents you with a couple of photos of room decor and style and you chose which one you like the best, then you move to the next set and do the same. In the end, from the choices you made, you are given the results of your test. Typically the tests give you insight as to what home decor styles you are most comfortable with. For instance if I was shown a photo of a minimalist decor with bold color, straight lines and hard plastic surfaces and then a photo of a room with a overstuffed leather chair, rock fireplace, wood floors and dark wood or painted furniture I would, without a blink of an eyelash, chose the second photo. However, as big as that contrast is, the choices get a bit harder the more the test tries to pinpoint your style. It’s all in good fun, but most of the time the test pegs me as having a bent towards the rustic decor.   Ya think?

But we all know there is more to it than that. I prefer to think that my style is just me. Not like anyone else, just me. My style is cozy and comfortable and my rooms are filled with things that I enjoy having around me. But…I love a good contrast of color and texture too.

Up until last Christmas had dark walls in the kitchen, den, entry and a small sun room off of the den.  Looking back it sounds quite glum.  But at the time I considered it to be warm and cozy. Then we unified the den, entry and the sun with a fresh application of board & batten washed in white and painted the top of the walls in a light buttery gold, called Roasted Marshmallow.  Sounds yummy and looks yummy too.  This not only lightened up my whole house, it actually makes it look bigger too.  Love that!

What I am enjoying the most is the contrast of  my pieces of dark wood furniture against the white walls.  Like the vintage plant stand sitting in our front entry.  It’s nested in a corner but not hidden in the corner…it accentuates the corner giving it a purpose.  As if the corner is there not to join two walls together at a 90 degree angle, but to create a niche just for this pretty little plant stand.  When you add the cool, shiny metal of an aluminum pitcher with a pop of green from drying hydrangea blooms and the fresh clean lines of a white starfish, the contrasts are evident, yet each element plays a part to complement one another.  Now you might say the vignette above is minimal, but it has a softness to it from the wood and the flowers.

Another piece of dark furniture in our home is this fun little table I picked up in February when we took a trip out to McKinney to check out the House of Hargrove.   I also picked up the mirror and a couple of my favorite candles while we were there.  I love the shape and size of this table but the dark stain was what drew me to it.  It’s quirky details helped too.   It’s a perfect size for this little sun room off of our den.   When we finish the flooring in this room, this table will probably be flanked by two leather chairs or possibly upholstered with some fabulous fabric,  making this a great place to snuggle up and read or just sit and chat.  Here again, against the white wall the detailed lines of this table are accentuated  because of the contrast in colors.   The surface is just big enough to add some fun accents which I change up from month to month.   This month it has a lamp and some books.  Next month…who knows?

What is your favorite decor style?  

Do you like to follow trends or do your own thing?
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5 thoughts on “contrasts & compliments {home decor}

  1. Your board and batten looks so good, and I love the contrast between the light walls and the dark furniture. Like you said, it makes each piece really stand out and look special.
    I definitely love following trends when I decorate but I also love just doing my own thing. In the end the most important thing to me is that my house feels like me.

    1. “In the end the most important thing to me is that my house feels like me.”
      Yes indeed! that is the key to a comfortable home. When it reflects the personality of the homeowner.

  2. I love dark furniture against light walls too. It really defines the piece. I’m sorry I used some dark paint in my house and now I wish I could re do it. It will happen soon enough. Enjoyed your post.

  3. You have lovely taste! I think I have a bit of eclectic taste. Our home is a gentle mix of modern and traditional styles. With the exception of my art room which is shabby chic. xo

  4. Beautiful! I have been doing the same thing in our home recently too. We had bold colors in every room and I have been toning it down with a nice warm white. I do love how all the black pieces stand out now!

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