begging for love & attention

While dirt is flying in every direction, sweat is pouring, muscles are being pulled, but things are shaping up.  Exhausted, we sit at the end of each weekend and say; “look’n good”.  Then, upon closer inspection I notice those little areas that seem to be begging for my love and attention.

All in good time I say to myself.  But the images keep haunting me…

This whispers to me as I stand before it…

“When will you fill me with beautiful green leafy plants, vibrant blooms and a few vintage plates?”

I look away only to see this…

“When will you fill me will sand and scatter large pieces of sandstone so I can be a lovely foundation for a couple of Adirondack chairs and a fire pit?”

Escape is futile because this awaits as I turn…

and this is just the tip of the iceberg,

I didn’t even show you some of the most neglected areas.

I’m now convinced that I need not ever worry about having something to do.

Every weekend, from now until forever, is filled with primping up the neglected areas of my yard…and this is just the backyard. yikes!

Doesn’t leave much time for flea marketing does it?

2 thoughts on “begging for love & attention

  1. That bent-twig chair and tool box is going to look fabulous once you get it planted!
    I’m like you; I get one project done and look around and say, ‘whew! so much to do.’
    Well, all I have is time! Thanks for stopping by Corn in all your busy-ness…to comment on my black diy chalk paint chairs…

    I love all your future projects already and can’t wait to see what you do with that old wash pot!

    1. ah yes my cauldron, has my kids refer to it. right now we use it as a fire pit. would love to plant in it, but no drain holes 😦 not sure how to drill thru cast iron. when i was young, my granny had one in her front room with a HUGE plant in it. i don’t know how she did it, but she had the greenest thumb this side of the Mississippi. my mom eventually shared one of her mom’s gardening secrets, “composting”! but that doesn’t explain how she grew that monster sized plant in her house, in a iron kettle without drain holes and it never got root rot. i didn’t inherit her green thumb but i she did imprint on me…i spent summers with her and she puttered here and there and i followed right behind. now i putter here and there and would love to have a backyard as she did…she had some amazing plants.

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