my joyful flowers

She re-seeded from last year I guess.  I didn’t plant any seeds there…this is the compost pile after all.  I guess this just goes to show you that great things grow out of decomposing grass, leaves and composted fruit and vegetables.

Her stalk is straight and her stems look like arms stretching up in joyful victory…or maybe it’s joyful gratitude…or better yet joyful worship.

It’s just really awesome how she grew right where she did…allowing me to capture the word “joy” in this photo.

Speaking of joy, here’s are some of my other little flowers.

my grand daughters…

Miss Princess Sweet Pea caught smelling some sweet wildflowers she had picked for her mama while we were out on a nature walk.

and yes, she has on two different shoes…cause that’s how she rolls!

Just a bit fuzzy because Miss Brown Eyed Daisy Paise, wanted me to take her picture as she was handing me her prized purple thistle.

this little flower is blooming too fast for me.

[photo by Autumn Beck]

Miss Haley Belle of the Ball

These are the sweetest flowers of all…my beautiful grand daughters!

I have seven other grand kids, but being that they’re boys, they are super sweet and fill me with joy too, but I’m not sure they want to be called flowers.

I’ll feature them in another post.

And just so you know…my garden is growing!

our 11th joyful blessing  is due in January 2013!


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