the great divide ~ building a fence with salvaged panels

It’s hard to believe how fast a year can go by. About this time last year, I ventured north a few miles to spend the day with a friend. Our plans included lunch and junk shopping. She claimed there was a man in her town that had a back yard full of junk that we could rummage through. Now although I suspected this “to good to be true” I was happy to jump in the truck and spend the say with her…the junk yard was secondary. When we got there I was speechless, not only was it just as she said it was, it was FABULOUS!
Granted there was some amazing rusty junkiness going on there, but what I was more jazzed about was the fence panels I found. For years I’ve envisioned a fence bridging across our backyard. I wanted an area that I could grow a garden without the dogs running through it…and other things dogs do, if you get my drift.

And I wanted to provided a little more protection from our pool for when my wee g’babies came over to play.

The guy was a little hesitant about selling me his fence panels, in fact he play the “wife” card.  He said she might not want him to sell them because he was supposed to be building a fence for her.

I have no shame.  Let the begging begin!

I explained that I really only needed a few.  You see, I had planned this fence for so long that I even knew the measurements and with my friend’s help, we calculated that I would only need to purchase seven panels.  Finally he relented and sold the fence panels to me, we loaded them up and off I went, before he could change his mind.

I was so proud of myself! Wait until my husband hears about this, he will be so excited!

yeeeaahh…not that excited, but he was pleased that I had found the perfect fence for our project.  Only now, this meant he had to put it all together.

No worries though…teenage boys always need a fun project to work on with their dads…right?

They did a wonderful job.

and it’s doing what I wanted it to do…

keeping Rudy out of my garden!


adding a little bit more security for when the grand kids come over and play out in the driveway. This extra barrier is great, can’t have too many safeguards in place when it comes to kids and pools.

See you just never know what you’ll find or when you will find it.  So keep making those plans and dreaming about those little home improvement projects.  Draw pictures, take measurements, talk about it over and over again, then one day when you least expect it…you will find exactly what you need to get that dream off of the drawing board and into reality.

One thought on “the great divide ~ building a fence with salvaged panels

  1. Hi Cindi– Love the new cross fencing in your yard!
    We have 4 acres and it seems I’m always fencing something. Just yesterday I was telling The Honey how we need to run fence to keep the chickens off the front porch…because well– we just do.

    Where ever the chickens go– the chickens ‘go’ …if you know what I mean.
    I like rummaging around here and there coming up with stuff that other’s thing is junk and making it special– you certainly have a knack for that!

    take care, Pat

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