tobacco drying basket

They say…the third time is a charm, but I’m really hoping that the second time will get it done. I wrote this post two weeks ago and in the middle of it, my computer decided it was a great time to take a nap and I lost the whole post. That was a big bummer, so much so that I got up and went to bed. I didn’t even want to attempt to recreate my post and I’m not going to now either.

So here is the short story of my wonderful trip to Austin at the end of April. The mister and I stayed at a B&B on Lake Travis, went to the Country Living Antique Fair on Saturday then ventured into Austin, for a few hours then headed back to the B&B. Got up Sunday and hit the back roads of the Texas Hill Country. It was wonderful!

The CL antique fair was fun, it was there first year here in Texas and while the scale was small, we still managed to spend the whole day there and plan on going again next year. We enjoyed talking with the vendors and exploring their booths. We found some things we wanted, but left behind. We found things we couldn’t live without and we brought them home, like the tobacco drying basket in the photo below…

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have a husband who loves antique shopping as much as I do. And since we are so compatible on the types of things we like to collect, he was very enthusiastic when I found this particular basket. This was the one he choose out of a several and then told me to right the check.  It was pretty noisy but I’m pretty sure that’s just what he said and I was not about to take the time to say…huh?  In fact, I think that I set a new speed writing record.

He’s amazing and so is our newest addition to our kitchen dining area. This wall was perfect for it. We also brought home some other goodies, like that beautiful galvanized milk can. Another find that the mister said; “get it”!

Now that I think about it…this post is probably much better than the first attempt.  Short and to the point!

4 thoughts on “tobacco drying basket

  1. cindy, i used to have an antique store and did shows…sold my tobacco drying rack to a friend. now i would love another one! do you mind sharing what you paid for it and which vendor had it for sale? thanks in advance…


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