essential tools & building materials (of sorts)

Building Character Through Teachable Momentssorry…my intent was not to mislead you with the title, but only to get your attention.  I’ve read that blog titles should be catchy and entice the reader into reading more.

I just couldn’t let this one get away, I mean after all it is Mother’s Day weekend and I am a mom, so I had to share this with you.

This really happened, except the people in the observation were rearranged.

The whole story goes like this:

Our daughter was driving, my husband was in the front seat, I was sitting in the back.  We were on our way to see a movie; “The Avengers”  (side note: great movie!)

We pull into the parking lot to look for a space.  Being it was opening weekend for this particular movie, the parking lot was crowded and spaces were few.  But we all spotted this one car backing out and DD waited for the car to pull away and then we began our approach to claim the coveted spot.  And then there it was…a white bag, gleaming as if a spotlight was shinning on it, a very large fast food bag.

Now I know that it’s quite possible that the car that just left, might not have left it there, maybe it was from another person…who knows?

The way I see it…we all have a choice at this moment.  Wait, but really?… do we?  I mean when we claimed that spot, at that point didn’t it become our responsibility to pick up the trash?

What do you think? 

My (hero) husband opened the door and swooped it up, carried it up to the theater and simply dropped it into the garbage can.

Did he want a pat on the back, applause, accolades for this deed? 

Absolutely not!

But he did get a hug from his daughter and a kiss from me, and in our daughter’s eyes, her daddy was a man of integrity.  I know this because in my eyes he was.  He always has been, but those moments like this… when we have the chance to leave a lasting impression on our children and others around us, it was the fact the he seized that moment, that’s when integrity shows… and he did it with humility to boot! That is when character begins to take root in those who observe our actions and reactions to situations.

How about you?  Do you seize every opportunity to teach and build character in your children?

Thank you for allowing me to share this story with you today.

Do you forgive me for pulling you in with the title? Ah, come on…it was worth it, don’t ya think?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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7 thoughts on “essential tools & building materials (of sorts)

  1. This is a good story – and we went to the Avengers on opening weekend…wonderfully done and well worth it! Thanks for sharing the character building tips!

  2. I think your title fits great… those are building moments! I remember lots of moments like that with my parents and I know I have carried them through to my adult life. I was watching and I was learning! 🙂 Great post Cindi! Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Thank you for posting this reminder. I, too, am blessed by a humble hero that has been my steadfast husband for 30 years. We are blessed.

  4. I remember lots of moments like that with my parents and I know I have carried them through to my adult life. I was watching and I was learning!

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