a late entry into Spring {seasonal decor}

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.  More like a season.  Spring is here and up until the past Saturday, my home…well small spaces of it, was still wrapped up in a winter blanket.  Warm rustic colors are wonderful in those chilly months following the Christmas season, but since we’ve had green grass since February, you would think I’d be more proactive about bringing the seasonal colors into our home.  What can I say?  Maybe I’m just a late bloomer, ya think?

A few days ago I wrote about how I freshened up an old lamp, gathered some lightly hued vintage treasures and pulled together a sweet little vignette that prompted the awakening from my decorating funk.  Once I get started I am motivated to continue until I’ve cleaned, reset and redecorated our cozy little abode.   When we repainted our walls in our den, entry area and a small space off of the den back in the fall, we choose a much lighter shade of paint for the walls and added a board & batten treatment in all three areas.  This, to our amazement, opened up our home so much more.  Not only due to the lighter walls, but because they were all tied together with the same color walls, it gives the illusion of one large room, instead of three separate areas.   We are still very, very happy with our choice of color, even more so when I go through my home pulling very colorful items to make my entry area into a vintage garden vignette.  Color is my friend, I love love love color and it’s fun to bring different colors into our home, this is made easier by going with neutral colors for the wall.  In my mind, matching isn’t an issue as much as blending.

Many times I’ve wonder just what my style of decorating is, I’ve never been able to really say if asked. I do love to mix things up.   After finishing the entry area, I’ve decided that my style is; “Eclectic French Country Vintage Rustic”.    Not that it’s necessary to have a specific style, but now I’m ready if someone should ask.  However, if you disagree…I’m going to give you the chance to give your thoughts after I finish showing off my entry into Spring.

What is Spring without a pig?  It worked so well for E.B. White in the children’s classic; Charlotte’s Web.  Yes, my pig’s name is Wilber.   The blue plate is my favorite piece to decorate with, it pops no matter where you put it.  A touch of rust is a must as you can see.

A vintage sewing drawer was reclaimed and branded with “fraiches” which is French for “fresh”,  lovely pears in Spring green add more color to this space.

A vintage incubator tray serves as a magnet board and gives the area some dimension, pulls the eye up and makes a perfect perch for a vintage carpenters ruler as a photo or card holder.  Vintage seed packets would look great wedged in there too.  I’ll be on the look out for some of those this weekend.

The lamp is one of a pair, I pulled this one from my workroom, it adds more light and touch of French Country to this vignette.  Now you can see the size of the large incubator tray, I snagged that on a WUSLU deal months ago, I couldn’t resist this buy and I’ve been looking for the perfect place to use it ever since it arrived.  Told you I was slow.   To add more color to the Spring garden entry, I grabbed a very special painting and slid it behind the tray.  Do you see how it looks like your looking out of a screen door on a beautiful Spring day?    My oldest daughter painted this for me years ago, she will never know how much I love this painting even more now that I can enjoy it every day.   Metal marquee letters and a galvanized heart spell out “C loves J”, adding a touch of Spring romance.  I ordered the letters from Peppercorns, the pretty tag in the first photo was a gift with my purchase.  I love gifts. The hearts are from Jack Rabbit Flats. Rusty the owl is nestled in a corner of the tray.

Everything in this photo is from my house.  Nothing is new, but it sure feels new because it’s pulled together to create a new space, a new look…a fresh look.   There is more up above, but for now I’ll leave it here.  One because it isn’t completely done yet, need to find a few more items.  And two because I needed to wrap it up and get busy on an order that’s due this week and also because Snoopy was tired….

He and his sister, Charlie are our esteemed house guests for two weeks.  They are also my grand dogs and they love coming to visit g’ma and playing with Rudy and Rover.

So what is your decision?  Am I Eclectic French Country Vintage Rustic?  Did I hit the nail on the head?  or did I miss by a long shot?


One thought on “a late entry into Spring {seasonal decor}

  1. is that ‘Eclectic French-Country Vintage Rustic’? …or ‘Eclectic French Country Vintage Rustic’? …

    I think you hit it on the nose– especially the Eclectic Vintage Rustic part… I get confused on the French Country part. I could be over thinking it …!
    Now… I’ve spent the better part of the hour looking at your blog. Why? Because I keep forgetting about all the Linky Followers people that I love to read~ so, now I’m getting your posts via EMAIL!
    …start the hallelujah chorus, please!
    I’m slow to catch up. I love the face lift on the outside…and all the knobs in the ground, and …on on this post. Wilbur.
    Yes! I love him too.

    have a great one, enjoy this nice and breezy Texas weather we’re having- Pat
    PS– see you in my email box!

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