my trip to the country, a front seat view!

Saturday mornings are really nice around our house. Typically, Mr. Rust and I sit and drink a pot of coffee and discuss what we need to do vs. what we want to do.  This morning was a little different because the mister still had some work he needed to finish up, coffee was cut a bit short and he was off until noon.  I proceeded to dismantle my entry way, clean and reset with a more summery look.  Just when I had everything scattered across three rooms, the mister called and asked if I wanted to ride along with him to the last job of the day….it was out of town, in the country.  Although it wasn’t really in the country is was further away from the city, far enough that dogs could be out unleashed, houses sat on larger parcels of land and I couldn’t hear traffic.

I love the country!  Love the fresh air, it was cool here this morning, so we rode with the windows down and the wind in my face. My plan was to sit in the truck and read while hubby finished up. I brought water and my book, just in case I get bored.  And of course I brought my camera…

I’m just getting to the really good parts and I look for reasons to sit and read.  I figured this would be a perfect plan!

But I got hungry so I began eating sunflower seeds…

There is always a bag of seeds in my husbands truck.  Sunflower seeds must be a required staple for pickup trucks. I was happy they were there and I helped myself to a handful…I love to see how far I can spit the hulls.

Gosh it’s so wonderfully quite in the country, just the wind in the trees and…a sqreechy, squeally, squeaky sound, what is that?  Ohhh….a windmill!  I could just barely see it through the trees, but I could certainly hear it.  What a wonderful sound.  Wind in the trees and the rhythm of the windmill turning.

Oh cool!  this country house has a bunny!  I can see it in his little hutch.  He’s nibbling at something and then begins to give his shelf a bath.  He  must sense that I’m watching, because he begins to watch me.

or maybe not…maybe he’s watching the other something that is watching me.

aaawwwh….hey there sweet baby!   Isn’t she so adorable.  She’s wondering why I don’t get out of the truck and play with her.  So she tries to make me believe it will be really fun if I do.

we could roll around in the grass and get jiggy! or…

play with my rope…here let me show how it works.

first you go this way, and then…

you grab it like this, then you do this…

hey wait…that’s not supposed to go there.

She makes it look fun, doesn’t she?

and notice how she doesn’t even mind sharing the yard with a the country bunny?

wow!  I’m impressed and now bummed because hubby is done and it’s time to go.

Man…it’s a good thing I brought my book!

I hope your Saturday was a entertaining as mine was.

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