duck egg

my newest love.

duck egg.  as in the color, not an egg.  which by the way, are duck eggs blue?

i wouldn’t know.  but i do know that i’m smitten with the paint color ‘duck egg’.

can you blame me?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Duck Egg

it’s so fun to open a fresh can of paint, especially Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), especially this particular can of paint because i’ve been looking for something to paint with it.

that’s right!  i bought it simply because i adored the color, but up until recently i didn’t have an object to use it on.  that all changed yesterday!

but not so fast…just a bit of back story first;

maybe you didn’t notice or maybe i didn’t tell you…but,

i bought a new rug back in December. believe it or not, it is still in tact although i’m not sure how.

it had a rough beginning

like the day we bought it a put it in place…literally 1 hour later 5 beautiful grandchildren, one precious dog, an adorable kitten and two adults  pull up for a weeks visit.

but that wasn’t an issue…they’re all house trained.  LOL!

no the real issue was the dark baking chocolate Rudy ate while we were all out of the house one night.

and the bag of brownie mix that he tore open on my sofa (okay, his sofa) rolled around in it then proceeded to roll on my new rug (gasp)

and my “new” rug was also the first place he choose to begin puking up the chocolate that he consumed.  before i go any further please know that Rudy is fine and will live to tell his story.  okay, i’ll be telling the story but what’s important for you to know right now is that he is still walking this earth and yes it probably is by the grace of God.  (praise)

if you have dogs that live in the house, i don’t recommend ever buying a looped rug like this one

regardless of how much you love the colors, regardless of how perfect it will look with the new walls in your den, regardless of how wonderful it feels under your bare feet…

you see, dogs have this odd habit of digging or act as if they are digging…on your new rug of all things!

and one dog in particular (Rudy) likes to lay on his tummy with his back legs extended behind him

a boy and his dog…awwww, so cute!

as cute as this is, it’s devastating to the ‘new rug’ that he is stretching out on as his nails get caught and snag the rug.

needless to say; my crochet hook is not just for crocheting anymore, in fact it sits within arms reach of me at all times so i can repair the snags before Mr. Rust sees them.  (another story for another time)

okay, back to the paint!  no…i’m not going to paint the rug.

about 8 years ago i found an ugly lamp at a thrift store, that was about the time i was into my ‘rust’ mode 100% of the time, now i’m only in that mode about 75% of the time.  i’ve mellowed a bit.  i still love my rust and the rustic look, but i’m moving toward a lighter shade of rustic.

when i bought this lamp, it was a chalky cream color, i painted it black and then over sprayed with a bronze metallic paint.  then i made some jewelry for it, plucked some bird feathers…no, i bought some feather trimmed ribbon and glued abound the neck to hide something i didn’t like but can’t recall what it was.  the lamp came without a shade, but i found one on clearance somewhere.  it was perfect, like a tan chamois color and texture, but no feathers…so i added feathers to the shade too.  oh boy did i think i was so savvy.  reeeeaaaallllly now.  i think i was full of myself!

over time, like anything in my home, it suffered wear and tear, got nicked up from being moved a zillion times from room to room.

so guess what! i’ve found my next test subject for my duck egg paint that will look absolutely awesome with my, not so new rug.  i’m excited…how about you?

so here it is, plucked, jewelry removed and shade naked

set up in my kitchen/painting studio

i’ve always like the texture on this lamp, i know it’s a dated design, but anything can look better with a fresh coat of paint and everything deserves a second chance, and i’m an obsessive recycler and will keep something until it doesn’t work  any longer.  therefore, dated or not, it stays and i get to play!

are you ready for this…

oooooh so yummy!

…to be continued

i know! that’s so mean

but, you’ll just have to come back and see what i’ve done

i promise you won’t be disappointed 😉

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