a new do for my dresser

This might go down as the flop of the year…but I’m just going to have to live with it.  I have no desire to repaint, but as with everything in life, there is bright side.  I have been toying with some paint colors to paint my kitchen cabinets in, I now know it won’t be the color combo I used on my dresser.

First, let me explain my color choice….I had a inspiration photo to go by.  I know it’s a dining room, but my bedroom walls are gray like the room below.  So I thought that my dresser would look nice if I painted it like the table below.

Great idea…right?  *sigh* I almost got it right…but not quite.

Here is a photo of the dresser before, I warn you now…

it’s ugly!

told ya so!

 there is no where to go but up from here…

you would think that anything would be an improvement. right?

Maybe so if I had stopped here…

I was going to title this blog post; “on the floor in the bedroom”

…I mean really?  who paints furniture on their carpet in their bedroom.

People like me who don’t want to move it into the garage!

The first coat is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, one coat covered that red monstrosity.  Amazing paint!  and then after it dried, I dry brushed some ASCP Coco over the Old White.

Before I go any further I know where I went wrong….I should have reversed my colors and done the first coat in Coco then the Old White, but I didn’t and it’s already done so here is the “ta.da” part

nice cord 🙂  stick around I’ll show you how you can achieve this amazing decorating trick. (sarcasm)  Hubby’s “to do” list includes putting an outlet behind the dresser.  I suppose the builder didn’t think I would need an outlet on “every” wall.

I allowed some color to show through,  no one likes it…”whatever” it’s only a tiny bit and it sort of looks like a deep rose color, not as ugly as the shade it was.  I will probably go back and cover the red, or maybe not.

Another problem with this whole room/dresser thing is that my gray walls have a blue undertone, where as the inspiration photo has gray walls with the brown undertone…HUGE difference.

Will I chalk this up as a fail?

No, because it’s livable.  Meaning I can live with it until I get tired of looking at it and redo it again.  Pretty soon I won’t be able to shut the drawers because of all the layers of paint.  I just like to get my dollar’s worth out of my furniture.

so ya wanna know what’s next?

maybe I’ll just stick to the Old White on this one. Or you can give your opinion if you like.   Remember the rest of the bedroom looks like this…

at least in this photo it does 🙂

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One thought on “a new do for my dresser

  1. I really love this color on that dresser! I was looking for some inspiration for my dresser makeover and this really stood out for me in the google image search. I think its such a unique color! I have red walls so Im not sure if it will work but we might just have to re paint the walls. Lol! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your post!

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