no alarm needed

No alarm needed for this week due to Spring break. No vacation plans for this family though, but who needs a vaca when we get a whole week of…

  • no alarms
  • no 7 am work out for my son
  • no 6 am making lunch and breakfast for son
  • getting up when my body has had enough rest

For me, that’s usually about 7am, but it’s so nice to be able to just lay there and begin my day with prayer and reflection before jumping out of bed to get things done.

Last week I spent 5 wonderful days with my daughter and 5 of my g’babes while their daddy attended the Shepherds Conference in sunny California. Always a fun time for me and I suppose it makes life a bit easier for my daughter as she’s not parenting 5 little ones without back up. Although, I’m not really sure how useful I am in that respect, I’m a bit of a marshmallow when it comes to my g’babes. My daughter is so full of grace, I always return home filled with more patience then what I left with. Typically, I react to situations. With 5 children under the age of 10 there will always be “situations”.  My daughter; she teaches, disciplines and always follows up with nurturing. I’m truly humbled, and if I can be honest here…I’m so proud. Not that I had anything to do with it. Her grace and gentle guidance is not from me.  No… that glory goes to God.  How does this reflect in the way her children act in public?  Let’s just say that when we go out in public, the stares we get are not because the wee ones are misbehaving, it’s because they are so well behaved.

[Sterling the Clown]

On Friday of last week, Sterling celebrated his 3rd birthday.  Our day began with a breakfast, some puzzle time, a quick stop at an estate sale, then it was off to San Antonio for dental appointments for my daughter and three of the children.   You wanna know what that looks like?   A well oiled machine is all I can say.  I was amazed!   First of all it was cold, freezing cold, rain, cold rain and at times it was hard to see, traffic like crazy.  But on the way, via the back roads of course, we couldn’t resist pulling off the road to gaze upon these little cuties.  Pouring rain and they’re just kick’n back  as if this was all fine with them.  Too funny!  Do you crave a home where the Buffalo roam…come to Texas!

The weather was so bad, I’m convinced I saw some snow flurries, after all it is March, but by God’s grace we arrived in San Antonio only 5 minutes late.  Baby needed to nurse so DD asked me to take the two oldest babes into the dentist to get them started.  We checked in and they were taken back, then DD comes in with the other three babes.  When it was time for DD to go back, I took the baby and two others back to the car, one by one the older two came out when done.  I read a story,  then they finished a movie and before too long, mom was back in the car and we were off the PF Changs for Sterling’s B-Day dinner.  It’s now 5pm and as luck would have it, we beat the Friday night dinner crowd and we were seated very quickly, which was great since our lunch consisted of some snacks.  To say we were ravenous is an understatement.   In fact we were so hungry that we didn’t take time to talk, we just stuffed our faces with lettuce wraps, followed up with a yummy gluten free meal.  Which by the way, PF Changs has a wonderful GF menu and the staff is great about preventing cross contamination.

Once done, we gathered up our gang and ran to the car for warmth, drove home and DD made brownies while me and two brave kiddos went out to gather wet logs for a fire.  It took all six of us (me and 5 kids) to build that fire.  I was grand!  The memories made and the fire.

Now I’m home and my dogs must have missed me terribly…I haven’t gone to the bathroom by myself since I got home.

Spring break is officially underway and can you believe it?  we have green grass and trees all around us.  Last year’s drought seems to be a distant memory, let’s pray it stays that way!
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