punched and framed

Old fencing, sheet metal and three iron stars and your done!

Next time you see a neighbor throwing away old fencing, stop by and pick through their trash pile

Chances are they’ll never know you did and old fence slats make really nice frames

I never imagined that sheet metal would be a staple in my garage one day, but it is…

there is always a piece to be found tucked behind something, usually barbed wire!

With a some mitered corners and glue, this old fence wood became a frame.  The patina on old weathered wood is really lovely, but this time I added some flat white paint for a good white wash.  Punched tin is a fun project.  I’ve done a few designs in the past, crosses, hearts and this star.  I chose to punch the star because of the three iron stars I had laying around and needed a home.

The stars where picked up at a flea market some time ago.  They were rusted but they also had some barn red paint on them, which just added to their rustic charm.

Depending on the mill thickness of the tin, punched tin art is really simple and fun.   I usually just find the shape I want on the computer and print out the outlined image in the size I desire.  Then I just tape the printed paper on top of the sheet metal.  Using a hammer, nail (size of your choice) and a scrap block of wood to lay the tin on top, pick a spot to begin punching, then work your way around the outline.  The spacing of the punch is up to you, but too close together and you might make one big hole.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but once you’ve completed the outline and you remove the paper, you will be pretty impressed with your punched tin art work!


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