two words I will never say

You will never here me say these words; “I’m bored”

I don’t believe in boredom, there is always something to do, read, play, pray, create, clean, hoe, mow, clip, trim,plant, wash, cook, bake, design, paint, bead, draw, dream up, sew, stitch, write out, whip up, organize, twiddle your thumbs or just day dream.

Boredom is dangerous, it can cause people to do strange things like overeat, spend more money than they have on things they don’t need or really want (crazy I know, but it’s true), watch too much TV or even act out in not so nice ways.  It’s just a place I would prefer not to be.

It’s even worse for animals. When dogs (Rudy) get bored, they get into all kinds of trouble.

I’ve walked in on:

feathers flying all about my bedroom, because the ceiling fan was running on hi, and a cute little black & white puppy in the middle of my bed thought it would be fun to kill a feather pillow,

a full sack of flour opened and spread all over my den,

pillows unstuffed and defluffed,

family photos that could not be replaced, ripped to pieces,

books shredded,

comforters ripped open and more feathers (contained by the four walls of my closet full of clothes, that now had feathers all over them),

trash tipped over and spread all over the house,

a loaf of bread eaten,

a package of chicken breasts eaten,

brownie mix ripped open on the couch, rolled in and covered up with  a pillow, then the precious rolled all over my new rug and he cleaned up quite nicely since it was now all over the rug,

then there was the baking chocolate fiasco (another blog post coming on that)

oh, and here’s the best one of all…

the disposable razor that was chewed up and swallowed!

My dog’s name is Rudy, not Marley 🙂 I’m sure I’ve left something out.  Believe it or not, the dog still lives!  But we’re not sure how.

All of this was leading somewhere…I just had one of the those; “why did I walk into this room” moments.

Boredom. yeah no.  I don’t go there, I won’t, nope.  But I do get antsy, because I sit pretty much most of the day, at my computer, working, answering phone calls, replying to emails and a lot of other admin stuff I do for my “real” job.

The other day I got sort of antsy and I pulled a “Rudy”

I tore open a pillow and pulled out all the fluff and stuff!  It was deliciously fun too.  Now I see why Rudy loves it so much!

but in my defense, I was also making something, a pillow and I needed the fluff for the stuffing.  I didn’t want to run to Hobby Lobby to buy a bag of fluff when I had an old pillow that wasn’t being used.  A penny saved…blah, blah, blah.

I’ve had this seed sack for about a year now and I’ve used it for nothing much, it hung on my branch ladder

and it was a great back drop for some photos like this one…

but it needed to be more useful in my home, so I stuffed it and made a pillow out of it.  Not a fancy pillow, but a useful pillow.  Soft and cuddly and just right for placing behind my lower back when sitting on my couch.

It’s perfect and really squishy, nice to cuddle up with on a cold cloudy day while watching a movie.

Now here’s the million dollar question…

Will my awesomely wonderful seed sack pillow, that I blind stitched by hand,  be the victim of a bored Rudy?

here’s some more pillow talk for ya… you know, in case you get bored 🙂

Riley’s TOMS Pillow

Appliqued Patchwork Cross Pillow

Front Porch Pillow

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